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Sammy & Company

Syndicated TV -- November 16, 1975

Sammy Davis JR, Liza Minnelli, Chita Rivera, Stephanie Mills.

Ninety minute weekly variety/talk show featuring interviews and music and comedy sketches. This episode was devoted to Broadway. Commercials have been edited out. Some generational loss. B

Saturday Night Fever
UK Tour -- 2006
Shaun Mulligan, Sam Berresford as (u/s) Annette, Jayde Westaby, Emma Stephenson. 
A rather nice capture which is taken from the in house cam. Full stage the whole way with great audio. Shot in a vivid 16:9 frame though spotlight washout can be annoying at times.  

Off-Broadway -- June 8, 2008
Julia Murney, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Mary Faber, Daniel Zaitchik, Aaron Tveit, Van Hughes , John Dossett, Mary Faber, Juliana Ashley Hansen, Curtis Holbrook, Josh Breckenridge, Jason Michael, Snow, Morgan Weed. 
Produced at Playwrights Horizon. Based on the 2004 film of the same name. Nicely filmed with great close-ups, but there is one cover-up which lasts about 10 minutes. 

Saving Aimee 
Seattle, WA -- October 5, 2011 
Carolee Carmello, Judy Kaye, Roz Ryan, Ed Dixon, Ed Watts, Brandon O'Neill, Charles Leggett
Beautiful capture of this new musical by Kathie Lee Gifford that tells the rise and fall of Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. Great clear picture and excellent sound. 2 DVDs

Broadway -- October 16, 2012
Carolee Carmello, George Hearn, Candy Buckley, Roz Ryan, Andrew Samonsky, Edward Watts, Nick Cartell, Joseph Dellger, Erica Dorfler, Carlos L. Encinias, Hannah Florence, Benjamin Howes, Alison Luff, Jesse Nager, Sam Strasfeld, Betsy Struxness, Elizabeth Ward Land, Billie Wildrick, Dan'yelle Williamson, Matt Wolfe
Filmed in 16:9 HD; slight spotlight washout but otherwise clear picture and sound and very good video

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Broadway -- October 29, 1997 
Douglas Sills, Terrence Mann, Lauri Landry (u/s), Gilles Chiasson
Great audio, quite good video with minor zooms. spotlight washout. Stationary camera

The Scarlet Pimpernel 
Broadway -- February, 1998
Douglas Sills, Terrence Mann, Christine Andreas
Good camera work, some zooms. Video includes the 1998 Easter Bonnets skit after the show.

The Scent of Rain 
Los Angeles, CA -- 1999 -- Proshot
Ryan Idol, Johnny Urbon, Brian D. Johnson, Neil Tadken, Danne W.Taylor, Nicholas D. Conlon
Pro-shot video; nice clear video with good sound and closeups; good video A

School of Rock
Broadway -- November, 2015
Alex Brightman, Sierra Boggess, Spencer Moses, Mamie Parris, Bobbi Mackenzie, Evie Dolan, Carly Gendell, Brandon Niederauer, Isabella Russo, Jared Parker.
Great HD capture of this great new ALW show. There is a 5 minute blackout during the scene after the opening song, due to late seating issues. The cast is phenomenal and Alex gives a sensational performance. High energy show with great songs and is so much fun! The last 11 minutes (which is the finale) ARE here, but from a different performance as someone was taking *multiple* flash pictures with their iphone in the row and was scolded and babysat those 11 minutes. A- 2 DVDs

School of Rock
Broadway -- December 30, 2015                              
Alex Brightman, Sierra Boggess, Spencer Moses, Mamie Paris, Taylor Caldwell, Evie Dolan, Jersey Sullivan, Carly Gendell, Ethan Khusidman, Bobbi MacKenzie, Dante Melucci, Brandon Niederauer, Luca Padovan, Jared Parker,  Isabella Russo, Corinne Wilson, Shahadi Wright Joseph.
A very nice capture with no obstruction, no washout, and just a couple quick dropouts. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A (2 Discs)

School of Rock

Milwaukee -- US Tour -- November 24, 2017

Merritt David Janes as (alt) Dewey, Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Matt Bittner, Emily Borromeo, Gianna Harris, Theodora Silverman.

Wonderful HD capture of the tour cast. Everything is nicely captured and the cast is terrific! 2 DVDs. A+

School of Rock

Broadway -- January 20, 2019 -- Final Broadway performance

Justin Collette, Mamie Parris, Jonathan Gould, Lori Eve Marinacci, Madison Elizabeth Lagares, Montgomery Lamb, Darrow Golub, Sarah Walsh, Nirvana Pal, Layla Capers, Levi Buksbazen, Matthew Jost, Hudson Loverro, Jordan Cole, Ava Briglia, Maddalena Yarbrough Mills, Katie Greendorfer, Steven Booth, Badia Farha, Alan H. Green, Joel Waggoner, Matt Bittner, Michael Hartney, Diane Phelan, Jeremy Woodard, Cassie Okenka

Notes - NYCG8R's master. Final Broadway performance

The Scottsboro Boys 
Broadway -- October 30, 2010
Joshua Henry, John Cullum, Josh Breckenridge, Derrick Cobey, Coleman Domingo, Jeremy Gumbs, Rodney Hicks, Kendrick Jones, James T. Lane, Forrest McLendon, Julius Thomas III, Sharon Washington, Christian Dante White

The Seagull
New York -- September 7, 2001
Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, John Goodman, Natalie Portman, Steven Spinella, Marcia Gay Harden, Debra Monk, Larry Pine

The Secret Garden
US Tour -- 1992  
Audra McDonald, Douglas Sills, Roger Bart, James Barbour
Shot from the house camera as a mid stage shot with no closeups and slight generation loss with soundboard

The Secret Garden
Australia -- January 29, 1999 -- Proshot
Colin Dean, Allison Farrow, Danielle Hawkes, Michael Lampard, Dean Cocker, Karissa Lane, Matt Skinner, Narelle Warmbrunn

The Secret Garden
London -- April 14, 2001 
Matthew Dennison (u/s Archie), Carmen Cusack (u/s Lily)
Filmed around some heads from the balcony (upper circle) so there are some obstructions at times.

The Secret Garden
London -- May 26, 2001 (Act 1) and May 30, 2001 (Act 2) 
Philip Quast (Archie), Linzi Hateley (Martha), Craig Purnell (Dickon), Meredith Braun (Lily), Peter Polycarpou (Neville), Cassandra Compton/Lizzie Bowling (Mary Lennox), Zach Morris/James Gillies (Colin)

The Secret Garden
World AIDS Day Benefit Concert -- December 5, 2005   
Steven Pasquale, Will Chase, Michael Arden, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Laura Benanti, Jaclyn Niedenthal, Deborah S. Craig, Matt Cavenaugh, Jenny Powers, Sara Gettelfinger, David Canary, Benjamin Magnuson, Max von Essen

The Secret Garden

Gießen, Germany -- May 9, 2010

Guido Hackhausen (Archibald Craven), Odilia Vandercruysse (Lily Craven), Heike Heber (Rose Lennox), Tomi Wendt (Albert Lennox), Ann-Kathrin Abel (Mary Lennox), Matthias Ludwig (Dr. Neville Craven), Antonius Doru Idvorean (Colin Craven), Antje Tine (Mrs. Medlock), Henrietta Hugenholtz (Martha), Alexander Herzog (Dickon), Christian Richter (Ben Weatherstaff), Stephan Bootz (Major Holmes), Carla Maffioletti (Claire Holmes), Paul Przybylski (Captain Shelley), Monica Musteanu (Mrs. Shelley), Chi Kyung Kim (Lieutenant Wright), Sang-Kiu Han (Lt. Shaw), Eun Mi Suk (Alice), August Schram (Fakir), Olga Vogt (Ayah), Sora Korkmaz (Mrs. Winthrop), Mary Lazar (Betsy)

The Secret Garden
Lincoln Center -- February 21, 2016
Sydney Lucas, Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Daisy Eagan, Cheyenne Jackson, Ben Platt, Josh Young, Nikki Renee Daniels, Oscar Williams.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the two night MCP concert staging. Exquisite cast and beautifully performed concert, so many stunning moments! A 2 DVDs

Secret Service
PBS-TV -- 1977
Meryl Streep, John Lithgow, Lenny Baker, Mary Beth Hurt, Jeffrey Jones, Charles Kimbrough
Originally produced on Broadway in 1897. The 1976 revival cast reprise their roles for this TV presentation. 

Broadway -- October 31, 2011 
Alan Rickman, Hamish Linklater, Jerry O'Connell, Hettienne Park, Lily Rabe
Notes: Well filmed from the balcony. Mostly full stage shots, with an occasional mid-zoom. No obstructions and crystal clear. Disc also includes a NY1 review, a NY1 interview with Alan Rickman, and the full 30 minute Theatre Talk devoted to the show

Broadway -- April 25, 2012 
Jeff Goldblum, Jerry O'Connell, Justin Long, Christina Pumariega (u/s), Hettienne Park
Great video with good clear picture and sound; full stage shot the majority of the time; good video

Sense and Sensibility
Colorado -- July 16, 2016
Megan McGinnis, Sharon Rietkerk, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Sean Allan Krill, Peter Saide, Jill Van Velzer, David Schlumpf, Paula Scrofano, Emily Berman, Elizabeth Telford, Colin Morgan, Matthew Keffer, Megan Long, Brian Ray Norris.
A very nice capture with no blackouts and no washout. There is a rail that obstructs the actors legs when they come into the audience, but the action on the main stage is unobstructed. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and  close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. A (2 DVDs)

Seth Rudesky's Purim Cabaret 
New York -- March 10, 2003
Shoshana Bean, Peter Gallagher, La Chance, Leslie Kritzer, Julia Murney, Billy Porter, Lillias White
Purim Cabaret refracted the biblical story of Esther through the prism of the 1964 Broadway musical Funny Girl and a number of other classic Broadway shows. Well filmed and very enjoyable. A

Seth's Broadway 101: A Master Class in Belting, Divas, and Hostile Opinions
New York -- April 14, 2008 
Seth Rudetsky with Andrea Burns, Jen Cody, Jonathan Groff, Norm Lewis, Andrea McArdle, Julia Murney, Pamela Myers, Lillias White

Seth's Chatterbox 
Musical Compilation -- 41 Songs 
Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Shoshana Bean, Betty Buckley, Raul Esparza, Ana Gayester, Peter Gallagher, Julia Murney, Jeff McCarthey and lots others

Seth's Chatterbox

Adam Pascal 

1st and 2nd Appearance.

Seth's Chatterbox
"Chess" Concert Cast & Jodi Long/Jose Llana
From Chess: Julia Murney sings "Someone Else's Story," Jonathan Dokutchitz sings "Anthem"

Seth's Chatterbox
Eden Espinosa
Eden sings “On My Own”.

Seth's Chatterbox 
Idina Menzel // Roger Bart

Seth's Chatterbox

Jennifer Laura Thompson & The Cast of "Zanna, Don't"

The Zanna cast sings "Sometime Do You Think We Could Fall In Love?"

Seth's Chatterbox

John Lithgow/Kelli O'Hara & Norbert Leo Butz/Sherie Rene Scott

Kelli sings "That's How I Say Goodbye"

Seth's Chatterbox
Matthew Morrison // Kris Cusak/Kristy Cates/Megan Hilty, Kristy Cates and Megan Hilty sing "For Good"

Seth's Chatterbox

Megan Mullally

Seth's Chatterbox
Raul Esparza ~ 1st appearance
Raul sings "I Don't Care Much"

Seth's Chatterbox 
Raul Esparza (2nd appearance) // Brooks Ashmanskas & Jonathan Freeman 
Raul sings "Lonely House," "Heroes," and "Defying Gravity" 

Seth's Chatterbox

Shoshana Bean ~ 1st Appearance, Jackie Hoffman/Kerry Butler

Jackie sings "Your Children," Kerry sings "Gee Whiz"

Seth's Chatterbox

Shoshana Bean 

2nd Appearance, Shoshana Bean sings "No Good Deed"

She Loves Me
Broadway -- 1993
Boyd Gaines, Howard McGillin, Diane Fratoni, Sally Mayes
Shaky camera work for the first 5 minutes, then improves greatly. Filmed from the balcony with occasional head at the bottom of the screen

She Loves Me
Broadway -- February 23, 2016
Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, Gavin Creel, Byron Jennings, Michael McGrath, Peter Bartlett.
Excellent HD video with clear picture and wonderful sound; very nice video

She Loves Me
Broadway -- February 24, 2016
Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, Gavin Creel, Byron Jennings, Michael McGrath, Peter Bartlett, Nicholas Barasch.
Excellent HD capture of the highly reviewed revival. This is a great cast and they are giving terrific performances. A 2 DVDs

She Loves Me

Broadway -- June 16, 2016

Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, Gavin Creel, Tom McGowan, Byron Jennings, Nicholas Barasch, Peter Bartlett, Michael Fatica, Jim Walton, Alison Cimmet, Cameron Adams, Laura Shoop, Jenifer Foote, Gina Ferrall, Justin Bowen, Benjamin Eakeley, Andrew Kober.

Notes: Perfectly captured with no blackouts, no obstruction, and just some slight washout in a few wide shots. There is a hilarious little blooper when Jane opens the champagne and it bubbles over, spilling onto the floor. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

She Loves Me

Broadway -- June 30, 2016 -- Proshot

Laura Benanti, Gavin Creel, Byron Jennings, Jane Krakowski, Zachary Levi, Tom McGowan, Nicholas Barasch, Peter Bartlett

Presented by BroadwayHD.com, this is the first show ever to be livestreamed on the internet around the world. Pro-shot, filmed using multiple cameras. A


Broadway -- 1989

John Cullum (Charlie), Robin Blake (Jenny), Thomas Cavanagh, Nigel Hamer, Burke Lawrence, Christopher Martin, Stephen McIntyre, Roy McKay, Tracey Moore

Shoshana Bean
Ars Nova, New York -- September 9, 2002

Show Boat

Bad Hersfeld -- August, 2013

Jan Ammann (Gaylord Revenal), Milicia Jovanovic (Magnolia Hawks), Michael Schanze (KäPtn Andy Hawks), Sophie Berner (Jodie Laverne), Inez Timmer (Parthy Hawks), Walter Reynolds (Joe), Siggy Davis (Queenie)

Notes: The Filmer Takes A Few Minutes To Settle Down, But After That The Quality Is Great!

Show Boat

Lincoln Center, NYC -- October 16, 2015 -- Proshot

Vanessa Williams, Julian Ovenden, Norm Lewis, Lauren Worsham, Jane Alexander, Fred Willard, Christopher Fitzgerald, Alli Mauzey, Erika Henningsen, Edward Watts

Semi-staged version; pro shot from PBS, recorded November 2014 at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic. 

Shrek: The Musical 
Seattle, WA -- August 14, 2008 -- Try-out
Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton
Note: First Performance of the Pre-Broadway run. A rare capture due to the fact the show ran 2 hours and 34 minutes, cuts are nearly inevitable. Includes three already cut songs, "I Could Get Used to This" and "Gonna Build a Wall", and "The Line-up Reprise #2" (where Gingy sings about having an yeast infection) was cut on the second preview. 

Shrek: The Musical 
Pre-Broadway, Seattle -- September 21, 2008 -- Final Performance in Seattle
Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton

Shrek: The Musical
Broadway -- November 8, 2008 -- First Preview
Brian d'Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona),Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), John Tartaglia(Pinocchio), Haven Burton (Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy)

Shrek: The Musical
Broadway -- November 15, 2008 -- Preview
Brian d’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Princess Fiona), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaard), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), John Tartaglia (Magic Mirror/Dragon Puppeteer)

Shrek: The Musical 
Broadway -- January 1, 2009 
Brian d'Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Christopher Sieber, (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), John Tartaglia (Pinocchio/Mirror/Dragon)
Lots of obstruction from railings and the audience worked around as best as possible but a few times the picture is pretty shaky or the action is blocked, especially on the far right; first ten minutes of act one are especially shaky, obstructed, and blacked out, but gets much better. Two short blackouts during Let Your Freak Flag Fly, and another blackout during the wedding scene that lasts about five minutes; mostly filmed with wides and mediums, some washout here and there, especially in the wides, Good sound throughout; 2 DVDs

Shrek: The Musical

Broadway -- April 4, 2009 -- Evening -- Highlights

Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Marissa O'Donnell, Rachel Resheff, Haven Burton, Heather Jane Rolff (u/s Wicked Witch), Carolyn Ockert- Haythe (u/s Ugly Duckling/Blind Mouse)

Highlights, not the complete show; about 45 minutes long Act 1: Small bit of "Story of My Life", "The Goodbye Song", Donkey's entrance/"Don't Let Me Go", "I Know It's Today", most of "Travel Song", part of "Donkey Pot Pie", Shrek saving Fiona/"This is How a Dream Comes True", "Who I'd Be". - Act 2: "I Think I Got You Beat", "The Ballad of Farquaad", "Make a Move", most of "When Words Fail", most of "Build a Wall", most of "Freak Flag" (there's a short section missing from the middle), "Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)". Decently filmed with heads and an arm in the way and some washout but okay video B

Shrek: The Musical 
Broadway -- April 11, 2009 -- Matinee
Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton as (u/s) Fiona, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Rachel Resheff, Heather Jane Rolff as (u/s) Mama Bear/Gingy. 
Haven did a splendid job in the role as Fiona. She brought a lot of energy and great vocals to the table. It was also interesting to see Mama Bear also be Gingy, since they were cast memebers short. Beautiful clear capture with no obstructions. SunsetBlvd's master

Shrek: The Musical
Broadway -- April 11, 2009 
Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton (u/s Fiona), Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Heather Jane Rolff and Justin Greer as (u/s) Aymee Garcia and Haven Burton's parts, Jacob Ming-Trent as (u/s) David FM Vaughn's parts
Very good capture of this show. Only one five second coverup during "Story of My Life" and a little head obstruction when the actors came all the way downstage during one scene. Includes Christopher Seiber's BC/EFA speech

Shrek: The Musical
Broadway -- 2013 -- Proshot
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Daniel Breaker, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia
Pro-shot, filmed live using multiple cameras before an audience at the Broadway Theatre in New York. 

Shrek: The Musical

Düsseldorf -- December 18, 2014

Frank Winkels (u/s Shrek), Bettina Mönch (Fiona), Andreas Wolfram (Esel), Carsten Lepper (Lord Farquaad), Jessica Kessler (Rotkäppchen/Lebkuchenmännchen), Stephan Luethy (Pinocchio), Monika Schmidt (Kleine Fiona), Georgios Bakopoulos (Kleiner Shrek), Deborah Woodson (Stimme des Drachen)

Shuffle Along
Broadway -- April 2, 2016
Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Billy Porter, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Brooks Ashmanskas, Adrienne Warren.
Excellent capture of the show from early previews. The cast was sensational and some great production numbers. This show ran long, so there are sure to be cuts made. 2 DVDs

Shuffle Along
Broadway -- April 12, 2016
Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Billy Porter, Brooks Ashmanskas, Adrienne Warren. 

Some heads at bottom of the screen in wide shots but don't distract from anything. This show changed a lot, so nice chance to see it evolving. A-

Shuffle Along
Broadway -- June 24, 2016
Audra McDonald (Lottie Gee), Brian Stokes Mitchell (F.E. Miller), Joshua Henry (Noble Sissle), Brandon Victor Dixon (Eubie Blake), Billy Porter (Aubrey Lyles), Adrienne Warren (Gertrude Saunders/Florence Mills), Amber Iman (Eva/Mattie Wilkes), Brooks Ashmanskas (Sam/Izzy/Carlo), Christian Dante White (Harry Walton), Arbender Robinson (Tommy), Curtis Holland (Li'l Baby C), Phillip Attmore (William Grant Still), ensemble: Darius de Hass, JC Montgomery, Afra Hines, Adrienne Howard, Lisa LaTouche, Erin N Moore, Janelle Neal, Brittany Parks, Karissa Royster, Pamela Yasutake, Kendrick Jones, Joseph Wiggan, Richard Riaz Yoder
Great capture of the final version of the show, very nice capture overall with a few short blackouts, there are two blackouts during the scenes between "Honeysuckle Time" and "Swing Along" with another during "New York Here We Come" dance number, each black out is one minute in length, few quick drop outs in each act, one head on the right that blocks the actors' legs but it is worked around when necessary, it gets better as the show goes on, filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums and close-ups, sound is excellent, includes partial curtain call and playbill scans 2 DVDs

Shuffle Along
Broadway -- July 12, 2016
Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Billy Porter, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Adrienne Warren 

Beautifully filmed in HD with clear picture and sound throughout; very nice video

Side Show 
Broadway -- November 16, 1997
Alice  Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, Ken Jennings
Includes the BCEFA stage speech after the show. 

Side Show 
La Jolla, CA -- November 10, 2013 -- Pre-Broadway
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Matthew Hydzik, Manoel Felciano, Robert Joy, David St. Louis, Keala Settle
Note: HD capture of the Pre-Broadway run. Nice changes to the book, lyrics and newly added songs. Also includes 'Buddy Kissed Me', 'I Will Never Leave You', and 'Who Will Love Me as I Am' from the evening performance. 2 DVDs

Side Show
La Jolla, CA -- November 24, 2013
Emily Padgett, Erin Davie, David St. Louis, Manoel Felciano, Matthew Hydzik, Robert Joy, Don Richard, Keala Settle, Javier Ignacio, Brandon Bieber, Kelvin Moon Loh, Matthew Patrick Davis, Zonya Love, Barrett Martin, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, Lauren Elder
Well filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; no washout or obstruction and very steady; one short blackout for about a minute during Come Look at the Freaks; excellent clear sound; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A

Side Show
Broadway -- November, 2014
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Matthew Hydzik, Robert Joy, Ryan Silverman, David St. Louis, Blair Ross
Beautiful HD capture of Broadway mounting with many changes from the La Jolla production; well filmed with clear picture and sound filmed from the right mezzanine 2 DVDS

Side Show 
Broadway -- January 4, 2015
Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Ryan Silverman, Matthew Hydzik, David St Louis, Robert Joy, Brandon Bieber, Matthew Patrick Davis, Charity Angel Dawson, Lauren Elder, Javier Ignacio, Jordanna James, Kelvin Moon Loh, Barrett Martin, Don Richard, Blair Ross, Hannah Shankman, Josh Walker, Derek Hanson, Con O'Shea-Creal
Great capture of the revival's final performance; no washout, very little obstruction, and only a couple short dropouts. Excellent picture and clear crisp sound is excellent; video includes curtain call, Bill Condon's farewell speech, encore of Say Goodbye to the Side Show 2 DVDs A

Significant Other
Broadway -- March 10, 2017
Gideon Glick, Lindsay Mendez, Barbara Barrie, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Sas Goldberg, John Behlmann, Luke Smith.
Great HD capture of the new play where four friends navigate love, friendship, New York City and everything in between. A very relatable, humorous and thought provoking show, with terrific performances. 2 DVDs A

Silence: The Musical
Off-Broadway -- November 18, 2011
David Garrison, Jenn Harris, Stephen Bienskie
Filmed from an odd angle-it almost looks like someone sitting in the front row just put the camera onstage.

Single: The Musical

54 Below -- June 4, 2014 -- Proshot

Melissa Van Der Schyff, Catherine Porter, Allie Shultz, Ryan Duncan and Claybourne Elder

Pro-shot footage of Single concert.

Sister Act 
London -- 2009 
PATINA MILLER as Deloris, SHEILA HANCOCK as Mother Superior, CLAIRE GREENWAY as Mary Patrick, ALLISON HARDING (u/s) as Mary Lazarus, KATIE ROWLEY JONES as Mary Robert, AKO MITCHELL as Eddie, JULIAN CANNONIER (u/s) as Shank and IAN LAVENDER as Monsignor Howard 

Sister Act
Hamburg, Germany -- February 25, 2011 
Zodwa Selele (Deloris), Barbara Krabbe (Mutter Oberin), Cush Jung (Curtis), Thada Suanduanchai (Eddie), Ina Trabesinger (Schwester Mary Robert), Martine de Jager (Schwester Mary Patrick), Sonya Martin (Schwester Mary Lazarus)
2 DVDs

Sister Act
Broadway -- April 2, 2011 
Patina Miller, Victoria Clark, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs

Sister Act

UK Tour -- 2012

Cynthia Erivo, Denise Black, Michael Starke, Julie Atherton, Nolan Frederick (u/s Curtis Jackson), Edward Baruwa. 

An amazing beautiful capture in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions or blackouts of this fantastic musical which has just the right mix of music, comedy, fun and spectacle combined with some outstanding vocal performances. 2 DVDs

Sister Act 
Broadway -- January 31, 2012
Patina Miller, Carolee Carmello, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Kingsley Leggs, Marla Mindelle, Audrie Neenan, Caesar Samayoa, Rashidra Scott, Alena Watters, Chris Bohannon, Danny Stiles, Alan H. Green, Trisha Rapier, Madeleine Doherty, Holly Davis. 
This show is LOUD and so over amped in this theater that there are times it completely overpowers the sensitive microphone attached to the camera. So when the music gets extremely loud it gets garbled due to that. Otherwise a great video. 

Sister Act
Tour -- Chicago -- November 18, 2012 
Ta'rea Campbell, Hollis Resnik, Florrie Bagel, E. Clayton Cornelious, Diane J. Findlay, Kengsley Leggs, Lael Van Keuren, Charles Barksdale.
Beautiful HD capture of the touring production. 2 DVDs.

Sister Act

Scheveningen, The Netherlands -- June 22, 2013 -- Highlights

Carolina Dijkhuizen (Deloris), Marjolijn Touw (Alt. Mother Superior), Stanely Burleson (Curtis), Jerrel Houtsee (u/s Harry), Christanne de bruijn (Maria Roberta), Frans Mulder (Monseigneur O'Hara), Irene Kuiper (Maria Lazerus), Esmee van Kampen (Maria Patricia), Christian Tanamal (u/s TJ), Zjon Smaal (Joey), Frank van Hengel (Pablo)

Master notes: About 60 minuts of highlights. Video includes: "Fabulous, Baby!", The shooting Scene, Deloris arrives at the Church, most of "Here Within These Walls", Scene before- and part of "It's Good To Be A Nun", Deloris with the choir, "Raise Your Voice" (incomplete), "Take Me To Heaven (Reprise)", (act 2:) The confession booth, entire "Sunday Morning Fever" scene and song, "Lady In The Long Black Dress", part of "Haven't Got A Prayer", scene and song of "The Life I Never Led", "Sister Act", "The Life I Never Led (Reprise)", "Sister Act (reprise)" and minor part of "Spread The Love Around" cause my disc was full. Some scenes have spotlight washout. Also, first act is rather shaky, second act is better. 2 DVDs


New York -- June, 2018

Idina Menzel, Jack Wetherall, Cynthia Mace, Stephen Carrasco, Will Brittain, Eli Gelb


London -- July 17, 2014 -- Proshot

Carey Mulligan, Bill Nighy, Matthew Beard

A Small Family Business

London -- June 12, 2014 -- Proshot

Nigel Lindsay, Debra Gillett, Gawn Grainger, Abby Cassidy, Alice Sykes, Samuel Taylor, Niky Wardley, Stephen Beckett, Neal Barry, Amy Marston, Matthew Cottle, Amanda Hadingue, Gerard Monaco)

2 dvds

Broadway -- 1986 
Jodi Benson, Mana Allen, Dick Patterson
Infamous flop which lasted only 48 performances on Broadway. Some generational loss.

Smiling, The Boy Fell Dead

New York -- March 1, 2014

Judy Kaye, Tony Roberts, Matt Dengler, Allison Carr, David Green, Nancy Johnston, Paul Murphy.

Music by David Baker, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. Shot from someone's lap in teh orchestra so lots of heads. DVD includes talk back session with the cast and Sheldon Harnick. C

A Snow White Christmas
Pasadena, CA -- December 15, 2012
Ariana Grande, Charlene Tilton, Neil Patrick Harris, Curt Hansen, Jonathan Meza, David Figlioli, Italo Egueta, Morgan Larsen, Janaya French, Clarice Ordaz, David Morales, Marc Spaulding, Aiden Lewandowski, Rachael Anne Anderson, Zander Faden, Kade Pait, Alix Newman, Tyler Mitchell, Daisy Stoneman . 
Entertaining show for all ages, with a score of recognizable pop songs and hilarious broadway and pop culture references to Wicked, Book of Mormon, How I Met Your Mother, Victorious, Dallas, and more; some heads at the bottom of the screen, but they are worked around fine, especially after the first few minutes of the first act; some short dropouts during the first part of act one, but each lasts only 15-30 seconds. Filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Good clear sound; nice video. 2 DVDs 

Something For The Boys, In Concert

New York -- May 10, 2012

Lauren Elaine Taylor, Mike Backes, Valerie Lynn Williams, Erin Elizabeth Coors, Roger Rifkin

Presented by Musicals Tonight! Presented concert style, so the actors, in costume, are holding their scripts. The filmer sat in the first row, so you are looking up at the stage. A-

Something Rotten!
Broadway -- March 23, 2015 -- First Preview
Brooks Ashmanskas, Peter Bartlett, Heidi Blickenstaff, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Brian d'Arcy James, Brad Oscar, Kate Reinders, Michael James Scott, Gerry Vichi, Linda Griffin, David Hibbard, Jenny Hill, Stacey Todd Hold, Beth Johnson Nicely, Aaron Kaburick, Austin Lesch, Aleks Pevec, Angie Schworer, Eric Sciotto, Brian Shepard, Chelsea Morgan Stock, Ryan VanDenBoom, Marisha Wallace, Bud Weber.
Excellent quality

Something Rotten!
Broadway -- March 28, 2015
Brian d'Arcy James, Christian Borle, John Cariani, Heidi Blickenstaff, Brad Oscar, Kate Reinders, Brooks Ashmanskas, Peter Bartlett. 
Excellent HD capture of this hilarious new musical. The cast is just too perfect in every way. Superb performances, music, story and a great homage to theatre and musicals. Not to be missed! A+ 2 DVDs

Something Rotten!
Broadway -- June 20, 2016
Rob McClure (Nick Bottom), John Cariani (Nigel Bottom), Christian Borle (Shakespeare), Heidi Blickenstaff (Bea), Brad Oscar (Nostradamus), Catherine Brunell (u/s Portia), David Beach (Brother Jeremiah), Edward Hibbert (Lord Clapham/Judge)

Something Rotten!
Broadway -- July 23, 2016
Rob McClure, Will Chase, Josh Grisetti, Jenny Hill (u/s Bea), Catherine Brunell, Brad Oscar, David Beach
Wonderful HD capture of the new replacement cast. Some heads in the way at times but otherwise very well filmed with clear picture and sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Sommernacht des Musicals
Dinslaken, Germany -- 2011
Sabrina Weckerlin, Patrick Stanke, Pia Douwes, Ethan Freeman, Willemijn Verkaik, Serkan Kaya

Sondheim on Sondheim
Broadway -- March 26, 2010
Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat, Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis, Erin Mackey, Euan Morton, Matthew Scott
First song in Act 2 is from 3/30/10; good clear and excellent sound throughout

Sondheim’s 75th Birthday Celebration

Los Angeles, CA -- July 8, 2005

Jason Alexander, James Barbour, Carol Burnett, Len Cariou, Barbara Cook, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Jason Danieley, Alexander Gemignani, Josh Groban, Anne Hathaway, Angela Lansbury, Marin Mazzie, Eric McCormack, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Jubilant Sykes, Vanessa Williams, Adam Wylie

Awesome, complete concert with numbers from all of Sondheim’s shows perfromed by some of the greats. 2 DVDs A+

Sondheim's 80th Birthday Celebration

London -- July 31, 2010 -- Proshot

Bryn Terfel, Maria Friedman, Simon Russell Beale, Daniel Evans, Julian Ovenden, Roderick Elms, Caroline O'Connor, Jenna Russell, Dame Judi Dench

Aired live on BBC Television from Royal Albert Hall in London; an 80th birthday of one of Broadway's great innovators, this all-Sondheim Prom draws together leading figures of the opera and theatre worlds. Performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra with Sondheim specialist David Charles Abell on the podium; excerpts performed from horror-opera Sweeney Todd, the Ingmar Bergman-inspired A Little Night Music and the fairy-tale compendium of Into the Woods, as well as excerpts from Company, Pacific Overtures and Sunday in the Park with George. Proshot video A+

Song & Dance

London -- 1983

Sarah Brightman, Wayne Sleep

Very clear, crisp and bright pro-shot video, rarely found in such good quality; audio is near perfect with complete credits A

Songs for a New World
Stuttgart, Germany -- December 13, 2009
Willemijn Verkaik, Mathias Edenborn, David-Michael Johnson, Dominique Aref

Songs for a New World

New York City Center -- June, 2018

Shoshana Bean, Colin Donnell, Mykal Kilgore, Solea Pfeiffer

Soul Doctor
Broadway -- October 13, 2013
Eric Anderson, Jacqueline Antaramian, Amber Iman
Filmed at the closing night performance.  Mostly a full stage shot with low resolution, and the right half to third of the picture is obscured by whatever the filmer using to hid the camera. The disc also includes Larry King interviewing the cast in what looks to be an18-minute promotional video disguised to look like his former talk show. B

The Sound of Music 
UK tour -- June, 2010
Connie Fisher, Michael Praed, Marilyn Hill Smith, Claire Fishenden, Chris Barton
2 DVDs

The Sound of Music

Papermill Playhouse -- December 16, 2012

Elena Shaddow (Maria), Suzanne Ishee (Mother Abbess), Ben Davis (Captain von Trapp), Robert DuSold (Franz), Joy Franz (Frau), Chelsea Morgan Stock (Liesl)

The Sound of Music 
Munich -- April, 2015
Milica Jovanovic, Uwe Kröger
Complete, missing the last 20 minutes of act 2, some head obstruction

The Sound of Music

National Tour -- October 11, 2015

Kerstin Anderson (Maria Rainer), Ben Davis (Captain Georg von Trapp), Ashley Brown, Teri Hansen (Elsa Schroaeder), Merwin Foard (Max Detweiller), Paige Silvester (Liesl), Erich Schuett, Maria Knasel, Quinn Erickson, Svea Johnson, Mackenzie Currie, Audrey Bennett, Darren Matthias, Donna Garner, Dan Tracy, Carey Rebecca Brown, Julia Osborne, Elisabeth Evans, Brent Schindele, Christopher Carl, Ronald L Brown, Caitlin Burke, Austin Colby, Jenavene Hester, Kelly McCormick, Andrea Ross, Jim Schubin

2 DVDs

The Sound of Music
Costa Mesa -- July 30, 2016
Kerstin Anderson, Brent Schindele (Captain Georg von Trapp u/s), Melody Betts, Teri Hansen, Merwin Foard, Paige Silvester, Darren Matthias, Donna Garner, Dan Tracy, Carey Rebecca Brown Julia Osborne, Elisabeth Evans, Jim Schubin (Herr Zeller u/s), Christopher Carl
Nice capture with no blackouts, washout, or major obstructions; one head can occasionally be seen at the very bottom edge of the screen, but it never affects the action. Excellent clear sound and very well filmed; good video 2 DVDs A

South Pacific 
London -- May 17, 1952 -- Proshot in b/w
The Original London Cast 1952, Mary Martin, Wilbur Evans, Muriel Smith
Professionally recorded on 16mm at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. Black and white, complete show. Contains credits and a full cast list. Says "Property Of Rogers and Hammerstein." 

South Pacific

National Tour -- October 4,  2009

Carmen Cusack (Nellie Forbush), Christopher Carl (u/s Emile de Becque), Matthew Saldivar (Luther Billis), Anderson Davis (Lt. Cable), Keala Settle (Bloody Mary), Gerry Becker (Captain Brackett), Sumie Maeda (Liat), Christina Carrera (Ngana), CJ Palma (Jerome)

South Pacific
Broadway -- August 18, 2010 -- Proshot
Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Loretta Ables Sayre, Danny Burstein
Professional PBS Live from Lincoln Center telecast in high definition, pro-shot video 

Broadway -- March 12, 2005 
Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, Christopher Sieber, Sara Ramirez

Broadway -- June 8, 2005
Tim Curry (King Arthur), David Hyde Pierce (Sir Robin), John Bolton (s/b Sir Lancelot), Darlene Wilson (u/s Lady of the Lake), Christopher Sieber (Sir Dennis Galahad), Christian Borle (Historian/Herbert/ Fred), Michael McGrath (Patsy), Steve Rosen (Sir Bedevere)
Filmed from far left mezz and cuts off after the knights find the grail. Filmed two days after Hank Azaria left.

Broadway -- April 20, 2008
Clay Aiken, Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddinham, Bradley Dean, Rick Holmes, David Hibbard, Tom Deckman, Brad Oscar 
Notes: There's a head on the left which the video is shot around for the first 10 minutes, then the video gets better. The first/last 5 mins of each act are darkness due to ushers.

Broadway -- January 4, 2009 
Rick Holmes, Michael Sibberry, Clay Aiken, Tom Deackman, Bradley Dean, Merle Dandridge

UK Tour -- March 23, 2011
Phil Jupitus, Todd Carty, Jessica Martin, Simon Lipkin, Graham McDuff, David Lingham, Samuel Holmes, Robin Armstrong
Crystal clear. Some stage searching and one short 5 second blackout during the first 5 minutes, then improves greatly. DVD has been enhanced with an opening menu and chapter selections for all the musical numbers The sets and costumes are different than on Broadway, and a re-working of the song "You Won't Succeed On Broadway" which has been re-named "You Won't Succeed In Showbiz". 2 DVDs

Veracruz, Mexican National Tour -- May 23, 2012 -- Highlights
Freddy Ortega (King Arthur), Natalia Sosa (Lady of the Lake), Lisardo (Sir Galahad), Ernesto Cano (Sir Bedevere), Sergio Catalán (Sir Lancelot), Ricardo Margaleff (Sir Robin), Germán Ortega (Patsy), Enrique Madrid (Prince Herbert), Eugenio Derbez (God's Voice).

National Tour -- February 16, 2013
Arthur Rowan (King Arthur), Glenn Giron (Patsy, etc), Adam Grabau (Sir Lancelot, etc), Joshua Taylor Hamilton (Sir Dennis Galahad), Abigail Raye (The Lady of the Lake), Eric Idle (God)
Commentary: There are some occasional blackouts within the first 10 minutes due to a lot of late seating, and some odd moments of shakiness but otherwise its filmed well with no obstructions.

Hollywood Bowl -- July 31, 2015
Craig Robinson, Merle Dandridge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Christian Slater, Rick Holmes,  Warwick Davis,  Tom Deckman,  Kevin Chamberlin, Eric Idle, Matt Steven Bauer, Venny Carranza, Jeremy Duvall, Marisa Field, Holly Cruikshank Ireland, Jamie Karen, Amanda Kloots, Gavin Lodge, Adrianna Rose Lyons, Katheryne Penny, Marco Ramos, Estevan Valdes.
A very nice capture of this year’s Hollywood Bowl musical extravaganza. This is captured well with no blackouts, no obstructions, and no washout. The first few seconds of the overture are missing, but after that it’s fully captured. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent, although they were having occasional issues with their sound system. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans. A 2 DVDs


Merzig, Germany -- August, 2017

Uwe Kröger, Franziska Becker, Armin Kahl, Marc Seitz, Benjamin Oeser, André Haedicke, Andreas Lichtenberger, Manuel Lopez


New York -- December 31, 2016

Robert Ariza (u/s Alexander Hamilton/Lin-Manuel Miranda), Chris Anthony Giles, Larry Owens, Nicholas Edwards, Lauren Villegas, Glenn Bassett, Christine Pedi

A hilarious parody full of references to Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and tons of other broadway shows and stars; one head blocks the actors from the waist down in the center of the stage; a three-minute blackout during The Schuyler Puppets and a three minute blackout during the finale, as well as a couple other quick dropouts. 70 minutes long with clear sound throughout B


California -- December 22, 2017

William Cooper Howell (Lin Manuel Miranda), Wilkie Ferguson III (Leslie Odom Jr.) , John Devereaux (Daveed Diggs), Zakiya Young (Renee Elise Goldsberry and others), Derrick A. Bonner (Various Others), Jesse Pepe (Replacement King George), Becca Brown U/S (Glenn Close/Norma Desmond, Liza Minnelli, and others)

Notes: TheHouseOnSunset’s master. Shaky video and low sound

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark
Broadway -- December 17, 2010 
Reeve Carney (Peter Parker/Spider Man), Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane Watson), Patrick Page (Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin), Gerald Avery (Swarm), Collin Baja (Carnage), Emmanuel Brown (Electro), Matt Caplan (Flash)

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark 
Broadway -- September 17, 2011
Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano, T.V.Caripo, Patrick Page, Michael Mulheren, Ken Marks, Megan Lewis as (u/s) AuntMay, Timothy Warmen

Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark
Broadway -- October 14, 2012 
Matthew James Thomas (alt Peter Parker, Spiderman), Kristen Martin (u/s MJ Watson), Robert Cuccioli, Katrina Lenk, Laura Beth Wells, Ken Marks, Isabel Keating, Michael Mulheren
First act is slightly shaky with some head obstruction but act 2 is better; about a minute of blackouts towards the start of the each act. 2 DVDs B+

The SpongeBob Musical
Chicago, IL -- June 7, 2016
Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Nick Blaemire, Carlos Lopez, Gaelen Gilliland, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Carlos Lopez
PreBroadway Premiere of the Nickelodeon musical based on the TV Show. Excellent HD capture of the first preview performance with no obstructions and clear sound; some spotlight washout and trying to find the stage but otherwise a good video 2 DVDs A-

Spongebob Squarepants
Broadway -- November 7, 2017 
Ethan Slater, Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Brian Ray Norris, Danny Skinner, Wesley Taylor, Gaelen Gilland, Kyle Matthew Hamilton, Curtis Holbrook, Stephanie Hsu, L'ogan J'ones, Jai'Len Christine Li Josey, Tom Kenny, Kelvin Moon Loh, Lauralyn McClelland, Vasthy Mompoint, Oneika Phillips, J on Rua, JC Schuster, Abby C. Smith Robert Taylor Jr., Allan K. Washington
Top of a head or two visible at the bottom of screen in the very wide shots. A

Spongebob Squarepants

Broadway -- August, 2018

Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Gavin Lee, Christina Sajous, Brian Ray Norris, Wesley Taylor, Brandon Espinoza, Vasthy Mompoint, JC Schuster, Allan K. Washington, Catherine Ricafort, Gaelen Gilliland, Abby C. Smith, Allan K. Washington, JC Schuster, Jai' Len, Christine Li Josey, Kevlin Moon Loh, Kyle Matthew Hamilton

Quality A. A really beautiful video of the show, pre-closing. 2 DVDs

Spongebob Squarepants

Broadway -- September 16, 2018 -- Final Broadway performance

Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Gavin Lee, Christina Sajous, Brian Ray Norris, Wesley Taylor, Brandon Espinoza, Vasthy Mompoint, JC Schuster, Allan K. Washington, Catherine Ricafort, Gaelen Gilliland, Abby C. Smith, Allan K. Washington, JC Schuster, Jai' Len, Christine Li Josey, Kevlin Moon Loh, Kyle Matthew Hamilton

This was a ROWDY, LOUD crowd. People leaning forward all the way blocked the far left side of the stage, but it's shot around best as possible and the bottom of the stage is blocked by some heads when action is all the way at the front - again, shot around best as possible. Also includes the full 18 minute speech at the end of the show. 2 DVDs

Spring Awakening
Off Broadway -- July 9, 2006 
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele (Wendla), John Gallagher Jr. (Moritz), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea), Mary McCann (Adult Women), Frank Wood (Adult Men)

Spring Awakening

Broadway -- November 29, 2006 -- Preview

Skylar Astin, Gerard Canonico, Lilli Cooper, Jennifer Damiano, Rob Devaney, Christine Estabrook, John Gallagher, Jr., Gideon Glick, Jonathan Groff, Roger Hager, Brian Charles Johnson, Frances Mercanti-Anthony, Krysta Rodriguez, Stephen Spinella, Lea Michele, Lauren Pritchard, Phoebe Strole, Frank Wood, Jonathan B. Wright, Remy Zaken

Excellent clear video from Broadway in previews; great picture and sound; DVD includes NY1 Opening Night coverage, reviews, Theater Talk interviews and a performance from The View

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- February 10, 2007 
Lea Michele as Wendla, John Gallagher Jr. as Moritz, Jonathan Groff as Melchior, Lilli Cooper as Martha, Phoebe Strole as (u/s) Ilse, Frances mercanti-Anthony as (u/s) Adult Women, Krysta Rodriguez as (u/s) Anna, Stephen Spinella as Adult Men, Brian Charles Johnson as Otto, Gideon Glick as Ernst and Skylar Astin as Georg

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- February 21, 2007 
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele Wendla), John Gallagher,Jr. (Moritz), Stephen Spinella (Adult Man), Christine Estabrook (Adult Woman),Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Skylar Astin (Georg),Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto),Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea)

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- August 18, 2007
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele (Wendla), Gerard Canonico (Moritz), Lauren Pritchard, Matt Doyle (Otto), Jonathan B. Wright, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin, Jennifer Damiano (Martha), Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken, Christine Estabrook, Ken Marks
Absolutely beautiful capture; camera is very steady and follows the action perfectly.The quality is colorful and crystal clear. It is the full show with no blackouts. 2 DVDs 

Spring Awakening

Broadway -- February 22, 2008

*Jesse Swenson (Melchior), *Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Skylar Astin (Georg), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), *Kate Burton (Adult Women), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men)

Great video with new castmembers; a black bar at times, mostly in the beginning and full stage shots from the walkway railing in front but filmed around it; good sound and closeups A

Spring Awakening

Broadway -- February 23, 2008

*Matt Doyle (Melchior), *Alexandra Socha (Wendla), John Gallagher Jr. (Moritz), *Jesse Swenson (Hanschen), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Skylar Astin (Georg), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea), *Kate Burton (Adult Women), Stephen Spinella (Adult Men)

Two headsin the shot at times, but more closeups than wideshots; good video with excellent sound A

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- April 24, 2008
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Skylar Astin (Georg), Remy Zaken (Thea), Christine Estabrook (Adult Women), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men)
Note: Matt Doyle messes up his line during the Word of Your Body (Reprise), followed by a pause and a bit of improvisation

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- May 18, 2008 
Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff, Jonathon Groff, Matt Doyle, Skylar Astin, Blake Daniel, Brian Charles Johnson, Emma Hunton, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken, Glenn Fleshler, Christine Estabrook
Jonathan and Lea's Last 

Spring Awakening

Broadway -- May 30, 2008

Kyle Riabko (Melchior), *Eryn Murman (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Lilli Cooper (Martha), *Gerard Canonico (Georg), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Christine Estabrook (Adult Women), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men)

A little shaky at times due to a less than full house but good closeups and excellent sound with a great picture; very nice video A

Spring Awakening

Broadway -- July 19, 2008 -- Evening

Kyle Riabko (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Skylar Astin (Georg), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Christine Estabrook (Adult Women), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men)

Good video, although slightly dark at times; the audience was very into the show with lots of screaming throughout; clear picture with nice closeups; very nice video; final show for Skylar Astin, Lilli Cooper, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole, and Remy Zaken A

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- August 2, 2008
Kyle Riabko's (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff's (Moritz), Andrew Durand, Amanda Castanos, Gabe Violett, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinninen, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle
Kyle and Blake's final show

Spring Awakening

Live Performance at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA -- November 7, 2008

Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare, Blake Bashoff, Andy Mientus, Steffi DiDomenicantonio, Ben Moss, Matt Shingledecker, Anthony Lee Medina

Kyle Riabko acts as the emcee for the event, doing intros and cracking jokes for each song. Songs performed are: "Mama Who Bore Me", "The Word of Your Body", "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind", "Left Behind", and "The Bitch of Living." The cast also participates in a fun Q&A session, taking questions from a moderator as well as the audience

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- January 18, 2009 -- Final Broadway Performance
Hunter Parrish (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Gerard Canonico (Moritz), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Emily Kinney (Anna), Caitlin Kinnunen (Thea), Amanda Castanos (Martha), Andrew Durand (Georg), Matt Doyle (Hanshen), Black Daniel (Ernst), Glenn Gleshler (Adult Man) Christine Estabrook (Adult Women).
Starts after ‘Mama Who Bore Me. Features the full curtain call speech. 2 DVDs.

Spring Awakening (Frühlings Erwachen)
Vienna, Austria -- May 24, 2009 
Rasmus Borkowski (Melchior), Jana Stelley* (u/s Wendla), Wolfgang Türks (Moritz), Jennifer Kothe (Ilse), Johannes Huth (Hänschen), Sonja Dengler (Martha), André Naujoks* (u/s Ernst), Dominik Hees (Georg), Jeannine Wacker (Thea), Jana Nagy (Anna), Marlon Wehmeier (Otto), Julia Stemberger (Erwachsene Frauen), Daniel Berger (Erwachsene Männer) Chairs of Rock: Senta Sofia Delliponti, Patrizia Leitsoni, Sebastian Smulders, Stefan Bleiberschnig 

Spring Awakening 
Tour -- Costa Mesa, CA -- November 19, 2009
Lucas Wells (u/s Melchior), Christy Altomare (Wendla), Taylor Trensch (Moritz), Steffi D. (Ilse), Sarah Hunt (Martha), Gabby Garza (Anna), Kimiko Glenn (Thea), Justin Scott Brown (u/s Georg), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Ben Fankhauser (Ernst), Anthony Lee Medina (Otto), Angela Reed (Adult Women), John Wojda (Adult Men).
First capture of the new tour cast. Also includes Anthony Lee Medina’s BC/EFA speech. There are a couple blackouts throughout the show but nothing major. 2 DVDs

Spring Awakening
Tour -- Costa Mesa, CA -- November 21, 2009
Jake Epstein, Christy Altomare,Taylor Trensch, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Matt Shingledecker, Ben Fankhauser, Anthony Lee Medina, John Wojda, Angela Reed
Good video; balcked out for first minutes of each act; a minute long blackout during Latin class; slight washout on the sides and the railing blocks the shots on the stairs; good sound and picture throughout. 2 DVDs

Spring Awakening

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- 2010 -- Proshot

Fernando Dente (Melchior), Florencia Otero (Wendla), Federico Salles (Moritz), Eliseo Barrionuevo (Hanschen), Mariana Jaccazio (Ilse), Leandro Bassano (Ernst), Belen Pasqualini (Martha), Julian Rubino (Georg), Miecaela Pierani (Anna), Julieta Nair Calvo (Thea), Cristian Centurion (Otto), Pedro Frias (Ensemble), Ayelen Varela (Ensemble), Stella Faggiano (Ensemble), Irene Almus (Adult Women), Tony Lestingi (Adult Men)

“The Word of Your Body (Reprise)” comes before “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind” in this production. Multi-cam proshot.

Spring Awakening

Rio di Janeiro, Brazil -- 2010 -- Proshot

Pierre Baitelli (Melchior), Malu Rodrigues (Wendla), Rodrigo Pandolfo (Moritz), Thiago Amaral (Hanschen), Leticia Colin (Ilse), Felipe de Carolis (Ernst), Laura Lobo (Martha), André Loddi (Georg), Estrela Blanco (Anna), Julia Bernat (Thea), Bruno Sigrist (Otto), Debora Olivieri (Adult Women), Carlos Gregório (Adult Men), Danilo Timm (Dieter), Pedro Sol (Rupert), Davi Guilhermme (Reinhold), Thiago Marinho (Ulbrecht), Alice Motta (Frida), Eline Porto (Elise), Lua Blanco (Mariana), Mariah Viamonte (Ina)

Spring Awakening
National Tour -- February 8, 2011
Christopher Wood (Melchior), Elizabeth Judd (Wendla), Coby Getzug (Moritz), Courtney Markowitz (Ilse), Jim Hogan (Georg), Aliya Bowles (Martha), Rachel Geisler (Anna), Emily Mest (Thea), George E. Salazar (Otto), Devon Stone (Hanschen), Daniel Plimpton (Ernst), Sarah Kleeman (Adult Women), Mark Poppleton (Adult Men)

Spring Awakening
Los Angeles, CA -- September 25, 2014
Austin McKenzie, Sandra Mae Frank, Katie Boeck (Voice of Wendla), Daniel N. Durant, Rustin Cole Sailors (Voice of Moritz), Lauren Patten, Treshelle Edmond, Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Ali Stroker, Amelia Hensley, Joseph Haro, Jimmy Bellinger, Joshua Castille, Daniel David Stewart (Voice of Ernst), Miles Barbee, Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto), Troy Kotsur, Daniel Marmion (Voice of Adult Men), Natacha Roi
A beautiful production at Deaf West Theatre in Los Angeles with a phenomenally talented cast of both hearing and deaf actors. The entire show is signed by the actors; nice capture although there is a lot of head obstruction so there is some picture blockage throughout. Clear excellent sound 2 DVDs B+

Spring Awakening
Los Angeles, CA -- June 13, 2015
Austin McKenzie (Melchior), Sandra Mae Frank (Wendla), Katie Boeck (Voice of Wendla), Daniel N Durant (Moritz), Alex Boniello (Voice of Moritz), Krysta Rodriguez (Ilse), Treshelle Edmond (Martha), Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Ali Stroker (Anna), Amelia Hensley (Thea), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Alex Wyse (Georg), Joshua Castille (Ernst), Daniel David Stewart (Voice of Ernst), Miles Barbee (Otto), Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto), Daniel Marmion (Adult man), Howie Seago (Adult man), Hilary Baack (Adut woman), Natacha Roi (Adult woman)
Fantastic capture of Deaf West's production during it's run at the Wallis Annenberg; very well captured with no obstructions, or washout, and just a few seconds of dropouts throughout the entire show, most of which happen between scenes. Great picture and sound throughout    2 DVDs    A

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- October 18, 2015
Sandra Mae Frank, Katie Boeck, Austin P. McKenzie, Daniel N. Durant, Alex Boniello, Joshua Castille, Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Camryn Manheim, Patrick Page, Marlee Matlin.
Beautiful HD capture of the stunning new revival. The cast gives beautiful performances in this fresh new Deaf West production which incorporates sign language. 2 DISCS

Spring Awakening
Broadway -- November 15, 2015
Sandra Mae Frank, Katie Boeck, Austin P. McKenzie, Daniel N. Durant, Alex Boniello, Joshua Castille, Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Patrick Page, Elizabeth Greene as (u/s) Frau Bergmann, Alexandria Wailes as (u/s) Frau Gabor. Beautiful HD capture of the sign language production. This capture features the Adult Women understudies, who would go on to replace the originals. Also includes Left Behind from a Jon Groff concert. 2 DVDs

Stage Entertainment: Musicals and shows inside
Germany -- Unknown Date
Presented by Pia Douwes and Jerry Marwig.
Backstage material from: Ich war noch niemals in New York, Mamma Mia, Ich will spass, Blue Man Group, Wicked, The Lion King and Tarzan.

Standing Ovations 1
Joe’s Pub, New York -- May 23, 2004
Stephanie J. Block, Felicia Finley, Alison Fraser, Cheyenne Jackson, Erin Leigh Peck, Kate Shindle, Laura Bell Bundy, Matt Cavanaugh, Susan Egan, Max von Essen, Andrea McArdle, Mandy Gonzalez

Standing Ovations 2
Joe’s Pub, New York -- October 10, 2004
Michael Arden, Liz Callaway, Matt Cavanaugh, Mandy Gonzalez, Jenna Leigh Green, Ellen Greene, Cheyenne Jackson, Michael McKean, Larry O'Keefe, Alice Ripley, Jai Rodriguez, Toxic Audio

Standing Ovations 4 
Joe's Pub, New York -- October 16, 2005
Brooks Ashmanskas, Michael Arden, Adam Pascal, D'Jamin Bartlett, Jennifer Rae Beck, Polly Bergen, Sarah Uriarte Berry, David Burnham, Andrea Burns, Jaime Camil, Paul Castree, Natascia Diaz, Joey Dudding, Felicia Finley, Malcolm Gets,Nicolette Hart, Catherine Hickland, Cheyenne Jackson, Alexis Kalehoff, Mackenzie Mauzy, Andrea McArdle, Sean McDermott, Howard McGillin, Jane Monheit, Crista Moore, Melba Moore, Paul Pecorino, Paige Price, Anthony Rapp, EdenRiegel, Lea Salonga, Natalie Toro, Josh Walden, Jessica-Snow Wilson, The Original 1982 Urchins from Little Shop of Horrors (Sheila Kay Davis, Leilani Jones and Jennifer Leigh Warren

Starlight Express 
Bochum, Germany -- August 7, 2001
Rommel Singson, Rachael Wooding, Lothair Eaton

Starlight Express

Bochum, Germany --  January 28, 2015

Kevin Köhler (Rusty) Trina Hill (Pearl) David Moore (Papa), Matthew Goodgame (Greaseball), Emma Prosser (Dinah), Paul Shipp (Electra), Ben Draper (Caboose), Sian Velazquez (Ashley), Carla Pullen (Buffy), Toby Poole (Dustin), Paul Treacy (Flat Top), Jason Gray (Hip Hopper 1), Brett Shields (Hip Hopper 2), Brad Corben (Hip Hopper 3), Cary Chennell (Purse), Dean Coach (Krupp), Kelly Downing (Joule), Dawn Leigh Woods (Volta), Melanie Brown (Wrench), Graham Harvey (Ruhrgold), Elliot Collins (Hashamoto), Adam Bailey (Espresso), Jeffrey Socia (Bobo), Craig Tyler (Turnov), Manuel Reckow/ Etienne Vogel (Trax)

Notes: Recording focuses on Toby Poole who plays Dustin in this show, When AC/DC starts the camera becomes blurry after the components enter as camera loses focus, but goes away after Purse introduces himself. Pearl, Welche Ehre has a blackout only because the recorder properly almost got spotted/caught or was getting watched by someone in the audience or an usher. Picture comes back near the end but blurry as Purse leaves, some audience blockage. Missing Megamix. Really good quality and good close-ups!

Starlight Express

Bochum, Germany -- March 15, 2015

Jeffrey Socia (Rusty), Trina Hill (Pearl), David Moore (Papa), Adam Sheffield (Act 1)/Robin Mills (Act 2) (Greaseball), Emma Prosser (Dinah), Toby Poole (Electra), Micheal Eborall (Caboose), Victoria Anderson (Ashley), Carla Pullen (Buffy), Duncan Leighton (Dustin), Paul Treacy (Flat Top), Dewayne Adams (Hip Hopper 3), Brett Shields (Hip Hopper 2), Marc McFadyen (Hip Hopper 3), Craig Tyler (Purse), Dean Coach (Krupp), Cate Gunner (Joule), Dawn Leigh Woods (Volta), Melanie Brown (Wrench), Graham Harvey (Ruhrgold), Karl Seal (Hashamoto), Adam Bailey (Espresso), Cary Chennell (Bobo), Brad Corben (Turnov), Matt King/Etienne Vogel (Trax)

Notes: Recording focuses on Toby Poole, again. There is some audience blockage during the performance. Race 1 had to be put on hold after a technical issue happened after 'Hilf Mir Verstehn' when Control didn't speak to announce it was heat one. Adam Sheffield gets an injury or sick sometime in Race 1 as he doesn't appear a lot. Robin takes his place from Act 2 as Adam is unable to continue the show. Robin also forgets his race helmet on the Uphill Final, so races without it. Megamix missing. Really good quality and good close-ups.

Stars of the Musical Theatre
BBC4 Broadcast -- January 2, 2014
Michael Grade (host), Michael Ball, Elaine Paige, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Joel Grey, Chita Rivera, Hal Prince, Trevor Nunn
Notes: features interviews with stars of musical theatre like Michael Ball, Elaine Paige, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Joel Grey, Chita Rivera, Hal Prince, Trevor Nunn

Starting Here, Starting Now

Starting Here, Starting Now is a musical revue with lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. and music by David Shire. With a cast of three and three musicians, the revue explores a variety of romantic relationships. The revue was first produced at the Manhattan Theater Club in 1976 under the title "Theater Songs by Maltby and Shire." In March 1977, the show moved to the Barbarann Theater Restaurant in New York City, where it ran for 120 performances. The cast featured Loni Ackerman, Margery Cohen and George Lee Andrews.

Steel Magnolias
Broadway -- April 21, 2005
Delta Burke (Truvy), Christine Ebersole (M'Lynn), Rebecca Gayheart (Shelby), Lily Rabe (Annelle), Frances Sternhagen (Clairee), Marsha Mason (Ouiser)

Steel Pier 
Broadway -- April 14, 1997
Karen Ziemba, Gregory Harrison, Daniel McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, Debra Monk
Some spotlight white out, great sound

The Steward of Christendom
Los Angeles, CA -- January 4, 2014
Brian Dennehy (Thomas Dunne), Mary-Pat Green (Mrs. O'Dea), James Lancaster (Smith), Abby Wilde (Annie Dunne), Kalen Harriman (Maud Dunne), Carmela Corbett (Dolly Dunne), Grant Palmer (Willie Dunne), Dylan Saunders (Recruit/Matt) 
Complete with no blackouts, no washout, and no obstruction; steady clear picture filmed in 16:9 and sound is good; very nice video 2 DVDs 

Stick Fly 
Broadway -- December 5, 2011
Tracie Thoms, Dule Hill, Mekhi Phifer, Condola Rashad, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Rosie Benton 
Disc Includes NY1 Review & Interviews

Stop Kiss

Pasadena, CA -- November 6, 2014

Angela Lin (Callie), Sharon Leal (Sara), Jeff de Serrano (Detective Cole), Amanda Carlin (Mrs. Winsley/Nurse), John Sloan (George), Brandon Scott (Peter). Produced by The Pasadena Playhouse. “Originally produced Off-Broadway at The Public Theater, this critically acclaimed play received the GLAAD Media Award for Best New York Production. Stop Kiss tells the story of Sara and Callie, who are walking through New York City's West Village late at night when they share their first kiss. This leads to a vicious attack by an angry bystander, in which Sara is horribly injured. Throughout Stop Kiss, relationships are explored, formed, and even ended”. Beautifully filmed with a High Definition camcorder.

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
London -- 1989 -- Proshot
Anthony Newley

Story of My Life 
Broadway -- February 11, 2009 
Will Chase, Malcolm Gets, Alex Maizus, Austin McKinnis
Filmed during previews. This short lived musical lasted for just 5 official performances. Filmed from the orchestra section, so there are heads at the bottom of the screen. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder on their armrest, so it’s a mostly stationary full stage shot, but it’s great it was filmed at all. Some spotlight washout.

Straight White Men

New York -- August 2, 2018

Armie Hammer, Stephen Payne, Kate Bornstein, Josh Charles, TyDeFoe, Paul Schneider

A Streetcar Named Desire
Broadway -- March 31, 2005
Natasha Richardson, John C. Reilly, Amy Ryan and Chris Bauer

A Streetcar Named Desire
London -- September 9, 2014 -- Proshot
Gillian Anderson, Clare Burt, Lachele Carl, Branwell Donaghey, Otto Farrant, Ben Foster, Nicholas Gecks, Troy Glasgow, Stephanie Jacob, Corey Johnson, Vanessa Kirby, Claire Prempeh) 
Multiple cameras Proshot of the new production at the Young Vic. Broadcast live in cinemas through a satellite feed and this was captured from that feed. Perfect 5.1 sound and HD video. Includes a behind-the-scenes featurette. 2 DVDs

Strike Up the Band
New York -- February 1998 -- Encores!
Lynn Redgrave, Philip Bosco, Judy Kuhn, David Schramm, Jason Danieley, David Garrison, Ross Lehman, Kristin Chenoweth & David Elder
It's a full-stage shot, with heads in the way and you can't actually see the performers faces. But the sound is good! 

Suddenly Last Summer
BBC-TV -- 1993 -- Proshot
Maggie Smith, Rob Lowe, Natasha Richardson, Gillian Raine, Richard E. Grant. 
TV movie presentation, based on Tennessee William's play. 

Summer of '42

Montville, New Jersey -- November 7, 2008

Cast unknown

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical
Broadway -- June, 2018
LaChanze, Ariana DeBose, Storm Lever, Aaron Krohn, Ken Robinson, Jared Zirilli, Angelica Bellard, Mackenzie Bell, Kaleigh Cronin, Kimberly Dodson, Anissa Felix, Drew Wildman Foster, Kendal Hartse, Afra Hines, Jenny Laroche, Wonu Ogunfowora, Rebecca Riker, Christina Acosta Robinson, Jessica Rush, Harris M. Turner 

Sunday in the Park with George
Washington DC -- June 16, 2002 -- Sondheim Celebration
Raul Esparza, Melissa Errico, Linda Stephens, Florence Lacey, Cris Groendaal
Excellent video; The menu says 6/15/02

Sunday in the Park with George
Broadway -- January 30, 2008 
Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Michael Cumpsty, Alexander Gemignani, Jessica Molaskey, Mary Beth Peil, Ed Dixon, Jessica Grove, Stacie Morgain Lewis
A beautiful production with the two leads from the West End production. Beautifully captured and performed with great stage effects. A

Sunday in the Park with George

Chicago, IL -- November 4, 2012

Carmen Cusack, Jason Danieley, Linda Stephens, Heidi Kettenring, McKinley Carter, Rachel Cantor, Sean Fortunato, Kevin Gudahl, Drek Hasenstab, Ora Jones

Excellent HD capture of the stunning and much talked about Chicago Shakespeare Theater production. Very well filmed with nice closeups and excellent picture and sound 2 DVDs A

Sunday in the Park with George
New York City -- October 24, 2016 -- Encores! -- First Performance
Jake Gyllenhaal, Annaleigh Ashford, Brooks Ashmanskas, Phillip Boykin, Carmen Cusack, Gabriel Ebert, Claybourne Elder, Jordan Gelber, Lisa Howard, Zachary Levi, Liz McCartney, Ruthie Ann Miles, Solea Pfeiffer, Gabriella Pizzolo, Phylicia Rashad, Lauren Worsham, Max Chernin, Michael McElroy, Stephanie Jae Park, Jaime Rosenstein
Video shot from back of the house with good amount of close-ups; some heads at the bottom of the screen in wide shots that really don't interfere. Shot around heads in a couple of scenes but overall, a good video; great clear sound A

Sunday in the Park with George
New York City -- October 26, 2016 -- Encores!
Jake Gyllenhaal, Annaleigh Ashford, Phylicia Rashad, Lisa Howard, Zachary Levi, Carmen Cusack, Lauren Worsham, Ruthie Ann Miles, Gabriel Ebert, Brooks Ashmanskas, Liz McCartney.
Excellent capture of the beautifully performed, final Gala Concert performance. Terrific performances from the entire cast! A- 2 DVDs

Sunday in the Park with George

Broadway -- March 8, 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal, Annaleigh Ashford, Erin Davie, Penny Fuller, Brooks Ashmanskas, Jenni Barber, Jordan Gelber, Robert Sean Leonard, Liz McCartney, Ruthie Ann Miles, Ashley Park, Jennifer Sanchez.

Notes: Excellent HD capture of the Broadway transfer. The performances have really been fine tuned and beautifully performed. Jake and Annaleigh are perfection together. 2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard

NBC-TV -- December 3, 1956

Darren McGavin (Joe Gillis), Mary Astor (Norma Desmond), Gloria DeHaven, John Griggs, Walter Kohler, Carl Low.

Introduced by Robert Montgomery. Originally aired live as part of the "Robert Montgomery Presents" anthology series on NBC. Watered-down version of the non-musical film presented for TV. In black and white. About 1 hour, it seems to have been broadcast with no commercials. Very good quality.

Sunset Boulevard 
Sydmonton Workshop -- August 31, 1991 - ProShot 
Michael Ball (Joe Gillis), Frances Ruffelle (Betty Schaefer), Ria Jones (Norma Desmond), Kevin Colson (Max von Mayerling)
Heavy generational loss. Picture rolls and the sound wavers (only for collectors) Very different from the finalized show, performed when about half written. About 40 minutes.

Sunset Boulevard
Press Reels -- 1993 -- Proshot
Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, George Hearn, Alice Ripley, Alan Oppenheimer

Sunset Boulevard
London -- 1993
Patti LuPone, Kevin Anderson, Meridith Braun
Full show, pro-shot with no zooms, in black and white. Preview performance. 

Sunset Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA -- 1993/1994 
Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, George Hearn 
Newly surfaced video! Beautifully filmed with great close-ups. Occasional heads in the bottom of the frame. Some generational loss, and some tracking issues, but surprisingly good for it’s age. 

Sunset Boulevard, The American Premiere Celebration
KCOP-TV, Los Angeles -- December 9, 1993
This special, produced by KCOP’s news department, takes a behind the scenes look at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical from beginning rehearsals, to it’s opening night at Los Angeles’ Shubert Theatre. Hosted by Alex Trebek, with Glen Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Christopher Hampton, Don Black and others. About 45 minutes, commercials have been edited out. A

Sunset Boulevard
London -- 1995 -- Proshot
Betty Buckley, Glyn Kerslake (u/s), Anita Louise Combe, Michael Bauer
Filmed on a tripod. Full stage shot with some zooms. 2 Dvds

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- July 14, 1995  
Betty Buckley, Alan Campbell, Alice Ripley, Steven Stein-Grainger
A decent copy of the show but with generational loss and lower sound

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- March 3, 1997 
Elaine Paige (Norma Desmond), Alan Campbell (Joe Gillis), Larry Small (u/s Max von Mayerling), Alice Ripley (Betty Schaefer)

Sunset Boulevard
National Tour -- August 20, 2000 
Petula Clark, Lewis Cleale, Jacqueline Paero, Allen Fitzpatrick
A good quality of the show. Many changes from the Broadway Production. 

Sunset Boulevard 
Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht (The Netherlands) -- 2009
Pia Douwes (Norma Desmond), Antonie Kamerling (Joe Gillis), Dick Schaar, Maike Boerdam (Betty Scheaffer), Jasper van Kerkhof
2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard
The Netherlands -- April 15, 2009 -- Highlights
Pia Douwes, Antonie Kamerling, Maike Boerdam
90 minutes of highlights. Not a great video. Could be captured with a phone. 

Sunset Boulevard
Arlington, VA -- January 15, 2011
Florence Lacey, D.B. Bonds, Ed Dixon, Susan Derry, Sean Thompson, Harry A. Winter. 
Excellent capture from the Signature Theatre of Florence's turn on Norma Desmond. Wonderful production performed on a thrust stage, in a very intimate space with Signature's high quality standards!. A (Menue says Washington, DC)

Sunset Boulevard
Wichita, KS -- July 9, 2011 
Ann Morrison (Norma Desmond), Chris Peluso (Joe Gillis), Nicholas Saverine (Max), Kaleigh Cronin (Betty), Charles Parker (Cecil B. DeMille), Cody Davis (Artie), Timothy W. Robu (Sheldrake)
A big, gorgeous production by the Music Theatre Of Wichita. Beautifully filmed using one camera on a tripod, with sound patched directly in from the sound board. Crystal clear.  2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard 
Long Beach, CA -- July 28, 2013
Valerie Perri, David Burnham, Norman Large, Ashley Fox Linton, David Aldrete, Marc Ginsburg, Jeff Skowron, Tom G McMahon, Brad Fitzgerald, Will Huse, Caitlin Humphrys, Karla Franko, Tiana Okoye, Marisa Field, Kirklyn Robinson, Chelsea Franko
No obstructions or washout; two quick dropouts in the first act. The Entr'acte is missing the first minute or so, but the show is otherwise intact, and some scenes are fairly dark, especially the projections, but the action can always be made out; filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Great clear sound. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard
Luneburg, Germany -- December 29, 2013
Masha Karell (Norma), Kristian Lucas (Joe), Luisa Rhöse (Betty), Ulrich Kratz (Max), Volker Tancke (Cecil), MacKenzie Gallinger (Artie).
Very good quality, except for some noisy/chatty patrons behind the filmer. In German

Sunset Boulevard
Plays in the Park -- Summer 2014 -- Proshot
Billy Piscopo, Julie Waldman-Stiel, Scott Danierls, Emma McGahan, Kirk Geritano, Bob Nutter

Sunset Boulevard
Tecklenburg, Germany -- 2014 -- Proshot
Maya Hakvoort (Norma Desmond), Julian Looman (Joe Gillis), Reinhard Brussmann (Max von Mayerling), Elisabeth Huebert (Betty Schaefer), Thomas Hohler (Artie Green), Erwin Bruhn (Cecil B. DeMille), ophie Bluemel (Salome), Yael de Vries, Esther Mink, Daniela Roemer, Silja Schenk, Marthe Roemer (Reporterin), Juliane Bischoff (Astrologin), Giulia Sophia Young,Cihan Demir, Marco Herse Foti, Andrew Hill, Florian Theiler, Jan Altenbockum, Timothy Roller, Mathias Meffert, Daniel Meßmann, Alexander Bellinckx (Sheldrake u.a.), Sebastian Smulders, Sebstian Brandmeir (Chef des Bekleidungshauses), Benjamin Witthoff, Juergen Brehm, Orchester, Chor und Statisterie der Freilichtspiele Tecklenburg 2014

Sunset Boulevard

Marl, Germany -- November 13, 2014

Cornelia Drese (Norma Desmond), Oliver Arno (Joe Gillis), Julia Lißel (Betty Schaefer), Hardy Rudolz (Max von Mayerling), Reinhard Brussmann (Cecil B. DeMille), Manuel Mairhofer (Artie Green), Claus Dam, Christian Stadlhofer, Anna Preckeler, Arne David, Marco Herse Foti, Mandy-Marie Mahrenholz, Alice Susan Hanimyan, Nadja Weise, Ulrike Figgener, Antonia Welke, Adrian Hochstrasser, Johannes Kiesler, Andreas Gräbe

Sunset Boulevard

Bielefeld, Germany -- May 23, 2015

Brigitte Oelke (Norma Desmond), Veit Schäfermeier (Joe Gillis), Tom Zahner (Max von Mayerling), Ulrike Figgener (Betty Schaefer), Jonas Hein (Artie Green), Benjamin Armbruster (Artie Green), Bernard Niemeyer (Sheldrake/Ensemble), Fabian Kaiser, Carlos H. Rivas, Michaela Duhme, Natascha C. Hill, Evelina Quilichini, Ramon Riemarzik, Lutz Laible, Lado Riemarzik

Missing the first 10 minutes of act two, starts in the middle of "As If We Never Said Goodbye"

Sunset Boulevard  

Dortmund -- December, 2016

Pia Douwes (Norma Desmond), Oliver Arno (Joe Gillis), Wietske van Tongeren (Betty Schaefer), Hannes Brock (Max von Mayerling), Daniel Berger (Sheldrake), Hans Werner Bramer (Cecil B. DeMille), Morgan Moody (Artie Green)

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- February 2, 2017 -- First Preview
Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler. 
Stunning and perfect HD capture of the First Preview performance. Glenn is astonishing in her return to the role of Norma. She received a standing ovation after her thrilling performance of With One Look! A performance and production not to be missed! A+ 2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- February 3, 2017
Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler.
Beautiful HD capture from the Orchestra of the Second Preview performance. Glenn again knocks her performance out of the park! Some subtle changes and delivery from the first performance. Terrific audience response and energy from the cast throughout the show! A 2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- February 4, 2017
Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler. 
Excellent HD capture from the Mezzanine of the Third Preview performance. Great to have a different perspecitve and angle of the show. Outstanding performances and some subtle delivery changes from the previous two performances. A- 2 DVDs

Sunset Boulevard

Broadway -- February 24, 2017

Glenn Close, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Michael Xavier, Nancy Anderson, Mackenzie Bell, Preston Truman Bod, Barry Busby, Britney Coleman, Julian R. Decker, Anissa Felix, Drew Foster, David Hess, Brittney Johnson, Katie Lander, Stephanie Martignetti, Lauralyn McClelland, T. Oliver Reid, Lance Roberts, Stephanie Rothenberg, Graham Rowat, Paul Schoeffler, Andy Taylor, Sean Thompson, matt Wall, Jim Walton

Sunset Boulevard
Broadway -- June 25, 2017 -- Final Broadway Performance
Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon, Fred Johanson, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Schoeffler.
A nice HD capture of the Final Broadway Performance. This contains all of Act One and only the first seven minutes of Act Two, which cuts off shortly after the title song and poolside scene. The opening number is blocked on the right side of stage, not really an issue after that. A- 1 DVD

Sunset Boulevard

Bad Vilbel, Germany -- August, 2017

April Hailer (Norma), Robert D. Marx (Joe), Andrea M. Pagani (Max), Janne Marie Peters (Betty), Kai Möller (DeMille), Stefan Reil (Artie), Matthias Graf (Sheldrake)

Sunset Boulevard

Lübeck, Germany -- December 31, 2017 -- Matinee

Gitte Haenning (Norma Desmond), Rasmus Borkowski (Joe Gillis), Janne Marie Peters (alt. Betty Schaefer), Steffen Kubach (Max von Mayerling), Michael Wallner (Cecil B. DeMille), Rudolf Katzer (Sheldrake), Florian Neubauer (Artie Green) Ensemble: Guillermo Valdés, Elena Otten, Corina Zurbuchen, Michael Zakall, Dominik Müller, Yong-Ho Choi, Therese Meinig, Simone Tschöke, Imke Looft, Mariusz Rogalinski, Mark McConnell, Tomasz Mysliwiec, Svyatoslav Martynchuk, Young-Soo Ryu, Chul-Soo Kim, Lucas Kunze, Enrico-Adrian Radu, Birgit Macziey, Ulrike Hiller, Gisela Prusek, Andrea Alexander, Stella Seung-Yeon, Rosa Dongeun Kim, Rebecca Ji-Eun Kwon

The Sunshine Boys 
Los Angeles -- September 29, 2013 -- Matinee
Willie Clark: Danny DeVito, Al Lewis: Judd Hirsch, Ben Silverman: Justin Bartha, Patient: Gibby Brand, Director: Frank Kopyc, Eddie: Matthew Bohrer, Miss MacKintosh: Annie Abrams, Registered Nurse: Johnnie Fiori.
A great capture of this Neil Simon play before it goes to Broadway next year. The all-star cast fits perfectly in their respective roles, and the dry, subtle wit creates some absolutely hysterical moments. The show is very well captured with only a couple quick dropouts in the first act, and one head on the far right that’s easily worked around when necessary. There is no washout. It’s filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent and the video is very steady. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Superstar Des Musical: Hollywood Dreams

Hannover, Germany -- October 8, 2017

Pia Douwes, Sabrina Weckerlin, Alexander Klaws, Andreas Bieber, Mark Seibert

Set List: Part 1: Don’t You Forget About Me, Mrs. Robinson, Bright Eyes, Grease-Medley, Das Farbenspiel des Windes (Colours of the Wind - Pocahontas), Under the Sea, Let it Go, The Beauty and the Beast, What A Feeling, Against All Odds, St. Elmo’s Fire, Never Ending Story, Up Where We Belong, Saturday Night Fever Medley

Part 2: Eye of the Tiger, The Wind Beneath My Wings, Wouldn’t it be good, Into the Groove, Footloose, Who wants to live forever, The Time of My Life, When You Say Nothing At All, It Must Have Been Love, Everything I Do, I Will Always Love You, Sie sieht mich nicht (Asterix & Obelix), My Heart Will Go On, Fame, You Light Up My Life

An Evening with Sutton Foster
Chicago -- September 25, 2010
Wonderful concert to inaugurate the new Broadway Playhouse in Chicago. Excellent Capture with no obstructions, songs include: Something's Coming (West Side Story), Not For the Life of Me (Millie), NYC (Annie), Astonishing (Little Women), Up On the Roof, Air Conditioner, Warm All Over (The Most Happy Fella), Show Off (Chaperone), Supposin'/Say That (Cut Songs from Millie), More to the Story (Cut song from Shrek), My Heart Was Set On You, Down with Love, I Like The Sunshine, Don't Rain On My Parade, The Late Late Show, Sunshine on My Shoulders, Anyone Can Whistle, Being Alive, Come the Wild Wild Weather, Once Upon A Time, Gimme Gimme (Millie), Defying Gravity. A

Sutton Foster and Seth Rudetsky: Broadway @ The Art House
Provincetown, MA -- July 4 & July 5, 2013
This show was part of a series of 10 unrehearsed shows produced and hosted by Seth which featured him asking a series of questions of his guests (other shows featured Audra McDonald, Betty Buckley, Andrea Martin, Judy Kuhn, Alice Ripley, and Patti LuPone), then running to the piano to illustrate a point, or just an excuse for the guest to sing a song. Recorded live on July 4th and 5th, 2013 and edited together.

Sweeney Todd
UK Tour -- 2006
Jason Donovan, Harriet Thorpe, Greg Barnett, Joanna Hickma, James Spilling, Oliver Beamish, Peter Head, Gemma Page, Susannah Van Der Berg
One full-stage shot, filmed through the house camera with excellent sound from the soundboard; spotlight washout and no closeups at all but good video

Sweeney Todd 
Broadway -- April 2, 2006 
Patti LuPone, Michael Cerveris, Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina, Alexander Gemignani, Diana DiMarzio
First 10 minutes are a little shaky but clear picture and sound. Lots of closeups. 

Sweeney Todd
Broadway -- September 3, 2006  
Michael Cerveris, Patti LuPone, Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano, Alexander Gemignani, John Arbo, Diana DiMarzio, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina
Final performance, includes curtain calls; shot is decently steady, but shaky every once in a while; there is a slight hissing noise in the background from the sound of the camera and it is a bit grainy it some areas. 2 DVDs

Sweeney Todd
Le Chatelet, Paris -- 2011 -- Proshot
Caroline O'Connor, Rod Gilfry, Rebecca Bottone, Nicholas Garrett, Jonathan Best, John Graham-Hall, Rebecca de Pont Davies, David Curry, Pascal Charbonneau.
Performed in English. From a French TV broadcast.

Sweeney Todd
London -- 2011
Michael Ball, Imelda Staunton, Lucy May Barker, John Bowe, Luke Brady, Robert Burt, Gillian Kirkpatrick, James McConville, Peter Polycarpou
One full-stage shot, filmed through the house camera with excellent sound from the soundboard; there is one scene, "A Little Priest" is a great pro-shot multi-camera shot that is cut into the rest of the show. Great clear sound 

Sweeney Todd

Lincoln Center - September 26, 2014 -- Proshot

Bryn Terfel, Emma Thompson, Philip Quast, Christian Borle, Kyle Brenn, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Erin Mackey, Audra McDonald, Jeff Blumenkrantz

Directed by Lonny Price. Recorded March 8, 2014 A

Sweet Charity 
National Tour -- April 10, 2007 
Molly Ringwald, Guy Adkins, Kathryn Mowat Murphy, Francesca Harper, Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz

Sweet Charity
Off Broadway -- November 12, 2016
Sutton Foster, Emily Padgett, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Shuler Hensley, Joel Perez, Nikka Graff Lanzarone. 
A good HD capture with all things considered. This was a very small Theater and almost staged Theatre-in-the-round. Part of the railing lines the bottom of the screen for most scenes, which also can block actors far downstage left. All that considered, still a very enjoyable rare capture and performances. B+ 2 DVDs.

Sympathy Jones

NYMF -- October 4, 2007

Kate Shindle, Charlie Pollack, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Christopher Carl, Jane Summerhays, Lucy Sorensen, Glenn Peters, Thursday Farrar, Tony Chiroldes, Amanda Ryan Paige

Kate Shindle hurt her ankle and sat in a chair on stage left and performed the role from there. Her music stand occasionally blocks some of the action.


Broadway -- November 1, 2003 -- Preview

Boy George, Euan Morton, Raul Esparza, LizMcCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody, Asa Somers

4th preview; great show and great video with nice close ups throughout. Video includes the Today Show performance, a NY1 story, the 2003 Gypsy of the Year skit and a Inside Edition show finale report: A+


Broadway -- January 21, 2004

Boy George, Asa Somers (u/s), Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry

Good picture and fun to see someone different playing a main part in this show. A


Broadway -- February 8, 2004

Boy George, Euan Morton, Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody

Closing Night video; includes appearance by Rosie, added dialogue and audience asides by the performers, very enthusiastic audience - great show, great songs. Great video-nice close-ups, great recording; ;video includes the Inside Edition show finale report A+

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife
Los Angeles -- June 20, 2002
Valerie Harper, Tony Roberts, Michele Lee, Shirl Bernheim, Anil Kumar
I'm not really familiar with this show, but it seems to be missing the beginning, but I'm not sure. Basically a full stage shot but works very well for this show

A Tale of Two Cities 
New York -- August 20, 2004 -- Staged Reading
Gavin Creel, James Barbour, Michelle Dawson, Gary Morris
No sets/costumes; actors perform with scripts in-hand. Includes Playbill slideshow with cast information

A Tale Of Two Cities, In Concert
PBS-TV -- June, 2009
James Barbour, Natalie Toro, Brandi Burkhardt, Kevin Earley, Mark McVey, Ed Dixon
Narrated by Michael York, this is the 90-minute non-PBS verison of the concert with about 30 minutes of pledge breaks; concert staging of the Broadway musical A Tale of Two Cities, filmed in England in June for PBS; concert is a hybrid performance, complete with costumes, projections and other design elements; score of the 2008 Broadway musical by composer-lyricist-librettist Jill Santoriello includes a new song, "Never Say Goodbye," written by Santoriello (lyrics) and composer Frank Wildhorn; pro shot video concert; DVD extra s include "Without a Word" bonus song and Michael York interviewing Lucinda Dickens Hawksley A

The Taming of the Shrew

New York -- June 17, 2016

Cush Jumbo, Janet McTeer, Gayle Rankin, Rosa Gilmore, Latanya Richardson Jackson, Candy Buckley, Donna Lynne Champlin, Judy Gold, Adrienne C. Moore, Stacey Sargeant, Teresa Avia Lim, Anne L. Nathan, Leenya Rideout, Pearl Rhein, Jackie Sanders, Natalie Woolams-Torres

There are blackouts over 25 of the first 32 minutes, as well as one 5 minute blackout about halfway through; rest of the show is otherwise complete with just a few dropouts; some heads seen throughout the show, but they are worked around as much as possible. Excellent clear sound. Performed almost as a parody of itself, The Public's production of this misogynistic play subverts expectation with an all-female cast and a lot of Trump references. The cast is fantastic with Judy being the standout; when the show is stopped due to a set malfunction, she improvs for three minutes and is absolutely hysterical. B

Tanz der Vampire
Vienna -- January 11, 2010
Thomas Borchert (Graf von Krolock), Marjan Shaki (Sarah), Lukas Perman (Alfred), Gernot Kranner (Professor Abronsius), Florian Theiler (u/s Herbert), James Sbano (Chagal), Anna Thoren (Magda), Katharina Dorian (Rebecca), Thomas Weissengruber (Koukol), Cornelia Braun, Barbara Obermeier, Esther Mink, Maike Katrin Schmidt, Nina Weiss, Fernand Delosch, Sven Fliege (NS 1), Alexander di Capri (NS 2), Martin Planz, Sebastian Smulders, Daniela Harbauer, Christa Helige, Marcella Morelli (RS Tanzsolo), Jennifer Poll, Susan ten Harmsen, Nick Fleuren, Ivo Giacomozzi, Csaba Nagy (Black), Gernot Romic (White), Kevin Perry, Jerome Knols.
2 DVDs

Tanz der Vampire
Vienna -- February 17 & 19, 2011
Drew Sarich (Graf von Krolock), Marjan Shaki (Sarah), Barbara Obermeier(Sarah), Lukas Perman (Alfred), Gernot Kranner (Prof. Abronsius), James Sbano (Chagal), Melanie Ortner (Magda), Katharina Dorian (Rebecca), Marc Liebisch (Herbert), Thomas Weißengruber (Koukol), Nick Fleuren (Koukol), Marcella Morelli, Csaba Nagy, Gernot Romic, Sven Fliege, Fernand Delosch.
Combination of two shows: All of Krolock's scenes are from the 19th and feature Marjan as Sarah whilst the rest of the show is from the 17th and feature Barbara as Sarah. The DVD is a complete show and is very well edited together.

Tanz der Vampire
Stuttgart, Germany -- September 17, 2011
Graf von Krolock: Jan Ammann, Sarah: Angelina Markiefka, Professor Abronsius: Christian Stadlhofer, Alfred: Krisha Dalke, Chagal: Christoph Leszczynski, Magda: Linda Veenhuizen, Herbert: Jakub Wocial, Koukol: Stefan Büdenbender, Rebecca: Jeanne Marie Nigl / Tanzsolisten: Pierre Damen, Paula Ferreira, Lucas Theisen / Gesangssolisten: Christopher Busse, Florian Soyka. Tanzensemble: Zoltan Fekete, Brett Hibberd, Anna Lopusny, Lieselot Meurisse, Sandra Milly, Raphaela Pekovsek, Vanni Viscusi / Gesangsensemble: Juliane Bischoff, Antje Eckermann, Tim Edwards, Laura Greer, Joana Henrique, Dennis Jankowiak, Thomas Schweins, Gemma West.
Angelina Markiefka's last performace. Excellent quality. In German.

Tanz der Vampire

Berlin -- 24 March, 2012

Florian Soyka (Graf von Krolock), Amélie Dobler (Sarah), Anton Zetterholm (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier, Kai Hüsgen, Goele de Raedt, Barbara Raunegger, Marc Liebisch, Stefan Büdenbender

Tanz der Vampire
Berlin, Germany -- July 31, 2012
Thomas Borchert (Graf von Krolock), Amélie Dobler (Sarah), Michael Heller (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier (Prof. Abronsius), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Miriam Lotz (u/s Rebecca), Goele de Raedt (Magda), Marc Liebisch (Herbert), Stefan Büdenbender (Koukol)

Tanz der Vampire
Berlin, Germany -- August 7, 2013
Florian Soyka (Graf von Krolock), Mercedesz Csampai (Sarah), Michael Heller (Alfred), Veit Schäfermeier (Professor Abronsius), Jerzy Jeszke (Chagal), Linda Veenhuizen (Magda), Marc Liebisch (Herbert), Zoltan Fekete (Koukol), Anja Wessel (Rebecca)
2 DVDs.

Tanz der Vampire 

Berlin, Germany -- August 21, 2016 -- Act 1 only

Jan Ammann (Graf Von Krolock), Veronica Appeddu/ (since "Wahrheit") Anja Wendzel (Sarah), Tom van der Ven (Alfred), Victor Petersen (Progessor Abronsius), Nicolas Tenerani (Chagal), Karolin Konert (Magda), Milan van Waardenburg (Herbert), Yvonne Köslter (Rebecca), Paolo Bianca (Koukol).

Tanz der Vampire

Moscow, Russia - February 10, 2017

Alexander Sukhanov (Krolock), Elena Gazaeva (Sarah), Alexander Kazmin (Alfred), Rostislav Kolpakov (u/s Professor), Kirill Gordeev (Herbert), Manana Gogitidze (Rebecca), Konstantin Baryshnikov (u/s Shagal), Agata Vavilova (Magda). Second show of Baryshnikov as Shagal.

Tanz der Vampire

Hamburg, Germany -- November, 2017

Jan Ammann (Graf von Krolock), Pamina Lenn (alt. Sarah), Tom van der Ven (Alfred), Victor Petersen (Prof. Abronsius), Michael Anzalone (alt. Chagal), Sarah Jane Checchi (Magda), Yvonne Köstler (Rebecca), Tanzsolisten: Lorenzo Eccher, Csaba Nagy, Astrid Gollob, Gesangssolisten: Sander van Wissen, Jan Kriz

Rumpelstiltskin's master.

Note: missing the last 10-12 minutes and stops during the ‚Mitternachtsball‘; shortly after Sarah was bitten by Krolock and before Alfred and Prof. Abronsius could take her away

Tanz der Vampire

Hamburg -- January, 2018

Kirill Zolygin - u/s Graf von Krolock, Maureen Mac Gillavry - Sarah, Tom van der Ven - Alfred, Pascal Höwing - alt. Prof. Abronsius, Michael Anzalone - Chagal, Christian Funk - Herbert, Sarah Jane Checchi - Magda, Yvonne Köstler - Rebecca, Paolo Bianca - Koukol, Tanzsolisten - Andrea Luca Cotti, Jack Widdowson, Karina Rapley, Gesangssolisten - Jan Kriz, Sander van Wissen.

2 DVDs

Tarzan in Concert with Phil Collins

TV Broadcast -- 1999 -- Proshot

Phil Collins, Rosie O'Donnell, Justin Timberlake, Glenn Close, Minnie Driver, Lance Bass, J.C. Chasez, Joey Fatone, Tony Goldwyn, Chris Kirkpatrick, Wayne Knight

Broadway -- March 30, 2006
Josh Strickland (Tarzan), Jenn Gambatese (Jane), Merle Dandridge (Kala), Chestor Gregory II (Terk), Shuler Hensley (Kerchak), Daniel Manche (Young Tarzan), Tim Jerome (Professor Porter), Donnie Keshwarz (Mr. Clayton).
Some blackouts but nothing too bad.

Hamburg, Germany -- July 18, 2010
David Boyd, Isabel Trinkhaus, Melanie Ortner, Mathias Sanders
2 DVDs

Hamburg, Germany -- November 30, 2011 
Tarzan - Alexander Klaws; Jane - Elisabeth Hübert (ihre Derniere); Kala- Melanie Ortner; Kerchak - Ingolf Unterrainer; Terk - Rommel Singson; Porter -Jeff Shankley; Clayton - Rudi Reschke; junger Tarzan - Timo Glinka
Elisabeth's last. 2 DVDs

Stuttgart, Germany -- August 21, 2015
Gian Marco Schiaretti (Tarzan), Merle Hoch (Jane), Willemijn Verkaik (Kala), Jan Ammann (Kerchak), Massimiliano Pironti (Terk), Matthis Lernhardt (Little Tarzan), Maik Lohse (Professor Porter), Léon Roeven (Clayton)
Notes: First performance for Willemijn Verkaik and Massimiliano Pironti. The video is shaky/jumpy during the entire show. 

Team StarKid: The SPACE Tour
New York -- November 27, 2011 -- Proshot
Jaime Lyn Beatty, Joey Richter, Joe Walker, Meredith Stepien, Lauren Lopez, Brian Holden, Dylan Saunders
Featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes features.

That Day We Sang 
UK -- December 26, 2014
Michael Ball (Tubby), Imelda Staunton (Enid), Conleth Hill (Frank), Lyndsey Marshal (Sal), Daniel Rigby (Mr. Kirkby), Sophie Thompson (Dorothy), Dorothy Atkinson (Gertrude Riall), Vincent Franklin (Mr. Stanley), Jessica Gunning (Pauline), Malcolm Sinclair (Sir Hamilton Harty), Harvey Chaisty (Jimmy), Ian Lavender (Commissionaire), Christopher Jordan (Gavin), Jessica Casby (Young Enid), Sam Burles (Hewitt), Tracy Gabbitas (Evelyn), Alan Bentley (Gatekeeper), Helena Rochester (Edna), Charles De'Ath, Michael Jibson, Kaya Brady, Marvyn Dickinson, David Swift, Pam Shaw, Leslie Hattersley, Carl Sanderson, Mark Rowlands, Robert Maxfield, Gareth Ronan, Caroline Featherstone, Jo Gerard
BBC Broadcast. TV musical by Victoria Wood (1.5 hours long); includes making of (1 hour long)

They're Playing Our Song
Broadway -- 1981
Victor Garber, Marsha Skagg
Video and sound is fuzzy but not too bad. Unfortunately, though, there's a flicker almost constantly from the original VHS

They're Playing Our Song
Los Angeles -- October 2, 2010
Jason Alexander, Stephanie J. Block, Daniel Guzman, Jamey Hood, Christa Jackson, Dennis Kyle, Sylvia MacCalla, Christopher Zenner
Master notes: Nice capture of Reprise's production, couple quick drop outs during applause, no significant black outs, one head blocks small portion of the front of the stage, minimal wash out, filmed with mix of wides, mediums and close-ups, sound is a little quiet during dialogue scenes. 2 DVDs

This is Your Song: Broadway Salutes Elton John

New York -- April 3, 2002

Adam Pascal, Heather Headley, Sherie Rene Scott, Andrea McArdle, Linda Eder and others

BCEFA Pro Shot benefit concert B

Thoroughly Modern Millie 
La Jolla, CA -- 2001 -- Pre-Broadway
Sutton Foster (Millie), Jim Stanek (Jimmy), Pat Carroll (Meers), Sarah Uriarte Berry (Miss Dorothy), Marc Kudisch (Trevor Graydon), Tonya Pinkins (Muzzy)
Shot from the front row, so it's at a weird angle. VERY different from Broadway version

Thoroughly Modern Millie 
Broadway -- April 13, 2002
Sutton Foster, Gavin Creel, Marc Kudisch, Harriet Harris. 
Sutton delivers a Tony winning performance in this really fun musical. Shot from 2nd row mezz on the side. Lots of closeups, but some spotlight washout from the angle. Amazing capture from master.

Thou Shalt Not
Broadway -- January 6, 2002 -- Last Performance
Norbert Leo Butz (Camille Raquin), Jo Ann M. Hunter (Suzanne), Leo Burmester (Officer Michaud), Debra Monk (Mme. Raquin), Craig Bierko (Laurent LeClaire), Kate Levering (Therese Raquin) 

Three Days of Rain

Broadway -- April 13, 2006

Julia Roberts, Paul Ridd, Bradley Cooper

Amazingly clear video with great closeups and sound

Three Days of Rain
Broadway -- May 13, 2006
Bradley Cooper (Pip/Theo), Julia Roberts (Nan/Lina), Paul Rudd (Walker/Ned)

Three Days of Rain

Broadway -- May 31, 2006

Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd

Digital, shot from the mezzanine, left side; one or two moments where the actors are out of frame; good picture, sometimes low sound but you can still hear it 

Three Sisters
London -- 2003 -- Proshot
Kristin Scott Thomas, Douglas Hodge, Kate Burton, Madeleine Worrall, Eleanor Howell, David Burke, Tobias Menzies, Tom Beard, Margery Mason, Eric Sykes, Robert Bathurst, James Fleet, Susannah Wise, Sebastian Bates, David Antrobus, Brian Greene. 

Three Tall Women

Broadway -- April 19, 2018

Glenda Jackson, Laurie Metcalf, Alison Pill

tick tick BOOM! 
New York -- September 18, 2001 
Raul Esparza, Amy Spanger, Jerry Dixon 

tick tick BOOM! 
Korean Tour -- Proshot
Joey McIntyre (Jonathan), Natascia Diaz (Susan), Jerry Dixon (Michael)

Time and Again
Manhattan Theatre Club -- February 17, 2001
Laura Benanti, Julia Murney, Lauren Ward, Lewis Cleale 
Adapted from Jack Finney's 1970 novel. Filmed on the far left of the tiny theatre, camera is not able to get far right because a pole is in the way.  Some railing in the way, but a quite charming musical

Time and the Conways 

New York -- September 15, 2017

Elizabeth McGovern, Steven Boyer, Anna Camp, Gabriel Ebert, Charlotte Parry, Matthew James Thomas, Anna Baryshnikov, Brooke Bloom, Alfredo Narciso, Cara Ricketts

Time Stands Still

Broadway -- January 22, 2011 
Laura Linney, Christina Ricci, Brian d'Arcy James, Eric Bogossian 
Includes 50 minutes of interviews

Sydney, Australia -- 2006 -- Proshot
Hayden Tee, Belinda Wollaston, Alexander Lewis, KatrinA Retallick, Nick Tate, Brendan Higgins, David Goddard, Cameron Mannix,Ana Marina, Robert Gard, Joan Carden, Matthew Willis
Original Australian cast at Sydney 's Theatre Royal. Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound directly in from the sound board. 


San Diego -- August 20, 2016

Norman Large (Capt. E.J. Smith), Johnny Fletcher (1st Class Officer William Murdoch), Eric Hellmers (2nd Class Officer Charles Lightoller), Evan White (3rd Class Officer Herbert J Pitman), Steven Glaudini (J. Bruce Ismay), Robert J. Townsend (Thomas Andrews), Ralph Johnson (Isidor Straus), Susan Stuber (Ida Straus), Paul Morgavo (J.J. Astor), Richard Bermudez (Frederick Barrett), Bets Malone (Alice Beane), Eric Michael Parker (Harold Bride).

Notes: Staged more simply than the Broadway version, but beautifully done with a large cast and giant projections to convey the epic story. A perfect capture with no blackouts, no washout, no obstruction. 2 DVDs

​[title of show]
Broadway -- July 5, 2008 -- First Broadway Preview
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Larry Pressgrove.
Recorded on the first night of previews. Well filmed form the balcony. One small jump in "Christine's Message", because the tape had to be changed; otherwise a great video

[title of show] 
Broadway -- July 6, 2008
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Larry Pressgrove
The first 13 minutes are pretty much blackout

[title of show] 
Broadway -- October 7, 2008 -- Highlights
Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, Larry Pressgrove
Includes the first half of the show, up to the end of "Die, Vampire, Die!" plus all of "A Way Back to Then". Runs about 55 minutes. Filmed in 16:9 widescreen; a few blackouts and a tall guy's head in front that blocked some of the frames when the action is farthest downstage

Tony Awards
2011 - 2 DVDs

Tony Awards - 2009 - the pre Tony's disc

The Best of the Tony Awards 1994-1997

The Best of the Tony Awards 2002-2005

Too Close To The Sun
London -- August 8, 2009 -- Matinee 
James Graeme (Ernest Hemingway), Helen Dallimore (Mary Hemingway), Tammy Joelle (Louella Baxter), Christopher Howell* (u/s Rex de Haviland)


Chicago, IL -- September 11, 2018 -- Pre Broadway

Santino Fontana, Lilli Cooper, Sarah Stiles, John Behlmann, Andy Grotelueschen, Julie Halston, Michael McGrath. 

Excellent HD capture of the first PreBroadway preview performance. This is a fun show with terrific performances based on the 1982 movie. Santino gives a wonderful performance and earning early Tony buzz for Best Actor! A 2 DVDs

Top Hat

UK Tour -- 2011

Tom Chambers, Summer Strallen, Martin Ball, Vivien Parry, Ricardo Afonso, Stephen Boswell

Filmed in 16:9 wide-screen; very nice capture of this new musical based on RKO 1935 cinematographic version starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Featuring classic songs from the original film Cheek to Cheek and Top Hat White Tie and Tails as well as additions from Berlina's extensive back catalogue like Let's Face the Music and Dance. Very well filmed 2 DVDs A

Top Hat

UK Tour -- 2015

Alan Burkitt (Jerry Travers), Charlotte Gooch (Dale Tremont), Clive Hayward (Horace Hardwick), Rebecca Thornhill (Madge Hardwick), Sebastien Torkia (Alberto Beddini), John Conroy (Bates)

Torch Song
New York -- October 20, 2017
Michael Urie, Mercedes Ruehl, Jack Difalco, Ward Horton, Roxanna Hope Radja, Michael Rosen
Quality: A. Head visible at the bottom of the screen in very wide shots and a bit to the far left but nothing very obstructive.

Travelling Light

London -- February 9, 2012 -- Proshot

Mark Extance, Colin Haigh, Paul Jesson, Sue Kelvin, Abigail McKern, Damien Molony, Lauren O’Neil, Karl Theobald, Alexis Zegerman

2 DVDs

Treasure Island

London -- January 22, 2015 -- Proshot

Patsy Ferran, Heather Dutton, Paul Dodds, Arthur Darvill, Nick Fletcher, Gillian Hanna, Joshua James, Lena Kaur, Aidan Kelly, David Langham, Jonathan Livingstone, Helena Lymbery, Alexandra Maher, Alastair Parker, Tim Samuels, David Sterne, Ben Thompson, Roger Wilson, Raj Bajaj, Oliver Birch, Angela de Castro, Daniel Coonan, Claire-Louise Cordwell

2 DVDs

Treasure Island
Los Angeles -- May 14, 2016 -- Matinee
Jim Hawkins: John Babbo, Long John Silver: Steven Epp, Billy Bones/Redruth: Christopher Donahue, Squire Trelawney: Matt DeCaro, Mrs Hawkins/George Merry/Musician: Kasey Foster, Captain Smollett: Philip R Smith, Dr Livesey: Alex Moggridge, Black Dog/Ben Gunn: Steve Pickering, Constable Dance/Dick: Travis Delgado, Israel Hands: Demetrios Troy, Pew: Anthony Irons, Abraham Gray/Musician: Matthew C Yee, Musicians: Greg Hirte, LJ Slavin
There are no blackouts and no washout. There is one head that can occasionally be seen at the bottom of the screen, but it doesn’t block the action. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

The Trip to Bountiful

Los Angeles, CA -- September 20, 2014 -- Matinee

Cicely Tyson, Blair Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Devon Abner, Wade Dooley, Arthur French, Pat Bowie, Russell Edge, Dalila Ali Rajah, Keiana Richard, Duane Shepard Sr., Desean Kevin Terry

Really nice video filmed in 16:9 with no blackouts or washout, and only some small heads at the bottom that don't affect the action; excellent sound and picture; nice video 2 DVDs A

Triumph of Love 
Los Angeles, CA -- November, 2001 -- Proshot
Misty Cotton (Princess Leonide), Eden Espinoza (Corine), Paul Green, Debbie Prutsman, Steve Glaudini, Michael G Hawkins
Note: Pro shot. Great color and clarity with clear sound. A production of Performance Riverside. Mostly a full stage show.


Fürth -- November 25, 2015 

Pia Douwes, special guest: Armin Kahl, Sascha Kurth, piano: Marina Kommissartchik

Tuck Everlasting
Atlanta, GA -- February 5, 2015
Carolee Carmello, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Robert Lenzi, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Fred Applegate
Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway tryout. This was Carolee's final performance due to leaving for Finding Neverland. 2 DVDs

Tuck Everlasting

Atlanta, GA -- February 6, 2015

Beth Leavel, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Robert Lenzi, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Fred Applegate

Notes: Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway tryout in Atlanta. This was Beth Leavel's first performance taking over for Carolee in the final few weeks of the run. Great performances and music! 2 DVDs

Tuck Everlasting
Broadway -- April 4, 2016
Carolee Carmello, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Sarah Charles Lewis, Michael Park, Terrence Mann, Fred Applegate, Robert Lenzi, Michael Wartella
Excellent capture of the Broadway transfer from Atlanta. Many changes and direction from the out of town tryout. Clear picture and great sound; nice video. 2 DVDs  A

Twelfth Night
Broadway -- November 27, 2013
Mark Rylance, Liam Brennan, Samuel Barnett, Stephen Fry, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Paul Chahidi, Colin Hurley, Angus Wright, Joseph Timms, John Paul Connolly
Amazing show by the RSC company all-male cast; faithful adaptation with wonderful comedy; some obstruction at the front of the stage, and moments of shakiness. Complete show, includes curtain call and BCEFA speech. 2 DVDs A-

Two By Two
Los Angeles, CA -- November 1, 2009
Jason Alexander, Faith Prince, Steven Weber, Justin Robertson, David Burnham, Shannon Warne, Vicki Lewis, Megan Hilty
Several heads in the way although it improves in Act 2; watchable video of this concert/reading but not great; sound is good and picture is okay but performances are great; worth watching for the talent involved 2 DVDs

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
New York -- 1979
Barbara Williams, Dean Pitchford, Portia Nelson, Leslie Denniston
Author Sheldon Harnick introduces the Staged reading from the Public Theater, filmed in black & white; rare and amazing for its time; clear sound and good picture A 

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown 
Costa Mesa, CA -- April 28, 2009
Patti Murin (Sam), Jenni Barber (Kelly), Nick Blaemire(Adam), Lisa Brescia (Mom), Stephen Bogardus (Dad)
Good mix of wides, mediumsand close-ups, very little obstruction, some heads at the bottom of the wideshots, some washout in the wides, dialogues is pretty quiet a times but still understandable, no intermission

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown 
Orange County -- May 3, 2009
Patti Murin (Sam), Jenni Barber (Kelly), Lisa Brescia (Mom), Nick Blaemire (Adam), Stephen Bogardus (Dad)

The Understudy
Off-Broadway -- January 17, 2010 -- Closing Performance
Justin Kirk (Harry), Mark Paul Gosselaar (Jake), Julie White (Roxanne)

Up Here
La Jolla, CA -- August 15, 2015
Matt Bittner, Betsy Wolfe, Eric Petersen, Nick Verina, Zonya Love, Kikau Alvaro, Andrew Call, N'Jameh Camara, Giovanni Cozic, Mary Glen Fredrick, Jacob Haren, Jeff Hiller, Gizel Jimenez, Zakiya Markland, Lorena Martinez, Sarah Meahl, Devin Ratray, Tamara Rodriguez Mehl, Devere Rogers, Charles South, Graham Stevens
Very nicely captured with no major blackouts and just a couple of quick dropouts and no obstruction. There is a bit of washout in some high contrast scenes. Excellent sound; good video 2 DVDs A

Urban Cowboy

Miami, FL -- November 23, 2002

Matt Cavenaugh, Jenn Colella, Leo Burmester, Marcus Chait, Sally Mayes, Rozz Morehead, Jodi Stevens

Pre-New York production before massive changes; interesting to compare this one and New York below 

Urban Cowboy
Broadway -- March 3, 2003
Matt Cavanaugh, Jenn Collela, Marcus Chait, Sally Mayes, Leo Burmester

Broadway  -- October 20, 2001 
John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson. 
Shot from second rowcenter mezz. Lots of close-ups. Includes changed dialogue lines at the end of act two, and the curtain call and 'dance' at the end. 

Uwe Kröger Christmas Gala

Vienna, Austria -- December 15, 2003

Uwe Kröger, Jesper Tydén, Lukas Perman, Olegg Vynnyk, Marika Lichter

Uwe Kröger in Concert
Hamm -- November 9, 2008
Uwe Kröger, Pia Douwes und Marika Lichter.
About 60 minutes. Only singing numbers, moderating is cut out. The last numbers are not filmed till the end. 

The Vagina Monlogues
Filmed for HBO -- 2002 -- Proshot
Eve Ensler

Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom 
New York -- March 28, 2005 -- Proshot
Charles Busch, Julie Halston, Sutton Foster, Brent Barrett, Phyllis Newman, Mario Cantone, Bruce Vilanch, Rebecca Luker
A special one-night-only BC/EFA 20th anniversary benefit production

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
Broadway -- March 27, 2013
Sigourney Weaver, David Hyde Pierce, Kristine Nielsen, Billy Magnussen, Shalita Grant

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike 
Los Angeles -- March 1, 2014
Mark Blum (Vanya), Kristine Nielsen (Sonia), Christine Ebersole (Masha), David Hull (Spike), Shalita Grant (Cassandra), Liesel Allen Yeager (Nina)
Near perfect capture of the L.A. production of this great play, one quick drop out in Act I but the video is perfect other than this with no washout or obstruction, there's a high pitched squeal from an audience member's hearing device that can be heard a couple of times but it's short lived and the dialogue can be heard clearly over it, filmed in 16:9 with wides, mediums and close-ups, includes a somewhat obstructed curtain call. A 2 DVDs

Venus In Fur 
Broadway -- October 18, 2011
Hugh Dancy, Nina Arianda

The Vertical Hour
Broadway -- November 17, 2006
Julianne Moore, Bill Nighy, Dan Bittner, Andrew Scott, Rutina Wesley

A Very Potter Musical
University of Michigan -- 2009 
Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Gruesen, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez

Broadway -- 1997
Liza Minnelli, Tony Roberts, Michael Nouri
Very good audio. It turns out it is a low generation copy. The camera is in focus and doing good close-ups. The very beginning of show is not on the video.The picture is great but the filmer covers up the camera several times but the audio continues and is clear 


Stuttgart -- December 19, 2013

Antje Rietz (Victoria/Victor Grant), Volker Risch (Toddy), Jan Ammann (King Marchan), Maja Sikora (Norma), Michael Hiller (Squash Bernstein), Reinhold Ohngemach (André Cassell), Martin Planz (Henri Labisse), Luigi Scarano (Gregor), Fabiana Denicolo (Madame Roget), Daniel Wernecke (Richard)

A View from the Bridge

Broadway -- February 21, 2016

Mark Strong, Nicola Walker, Phoebe Fox, Russell Tovey, Michael Zegen, Michael Gould, Richard Hansell.

Excellent HD capture of the Final Broadway Performance. Superb strong performances from the entire cast in this dark Arthur Miller drama. A wonderfully intense play that keeps building with tension, you could cut with a knife. A 2 DVDs

Broadway -- March 30, 2014
Sutton Foster, Colin Donnell, Alexander Gemignani, Joshua Henry, Ben Davis, Annie Golden, Emerson Steele, Rema Webb.
Beautiful HD capture of this wonderful show with no obstructions. The cast was divine and did an exquisite job performing and telling the story. 2 DVDs A+

Broadway -- May 24, 2014
Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry, Colin Donnell, Alexander Gemignani, Emerson Steele, Ben Davis, Annie Golden, Austin Lesch, Charlie Pollock, Rema Webb, Anastacia McCleskey
Very beginning of the show is missing, but it picks up about halfway through Water in the Well and complete from there with a couple quick dropouts. Well filmed with clear picture and good sound.

The Visit 
Arlington, VA (Signature Theatre) --  June 22, 2008
Chita Rivera and George Hearn.
Produced at The Signature Theatre as part of the Kander & Ebb Celebration. 2 DVDs.

The Visit 
Broadway -- November 30, 2011 
Chita Rivera, John Cullum, Mark Jacoby, Karen Murphy, Linda Balgord, D.B. Bonds.
A Benefit Concert of the Kander & Ebb show with choreography by Ann Reinking. A very interesting story of a woman scorned and the price she pay to serve him justice. Everything is nicely captured.

The Visit
Williamstown, MA -- August, 2014
Chita Rivera (Claire Zachanassian), Jason Danieley (Frederich Kuhn), Judy Kuhn (Matilde), Roger Rees (Anton Schell), David Garrison (Peter Dummermut), Rick Holmes (Father Josef), Michaelle Veintimilla (Young Claire), John Bambery (Young Anton), Melanie Field (Ottilie), Diana DiMarzio (Annie Dummermut).
Presented as part of the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Filmed from the balcony. Full stage shot-no zooms, but you get a good sense of the show.

The Visit
Broadway -- March 27, 2015
Chita Rivera, Roger Rees, Jason Danieley, George Abud, Matthew Deming, Diana DiMarzio, David Garrison, Rick Holmes
Good HD video with clear picture with some spotlight washout; nice picture and very clear sound A

The Visit
Broadway -- April 11, 2015
Chita Rivera, Roger Rees, Jason Danieley, George Abud, Matthew Deming, Diana DiMarzio, David Garrison, Rick Holmes
Great HD capture of the Kander & Ebb muiscal that finally made it to Broadway. At times a head can block the Actor's feet on the far ight side, but rarely an issue. Chita still in wonderful form and always delivers in this dark take of a woman scorned! 2 DVDs A

The Visit

Broadway -- June 3, 2015

Chita Rivera (Claire), Tom Nelis (Anton), George Abud (Karl), Jason Danieley (Frederich Kuhn), Matthew Deming (Louis Perch), Diana DiMarzio (Annie Dummermut), David Garrison (Peter Dummermut), Rick Holmes (Father Josef), Chris Newcomer (Jacob Chicken), Mary Beth Peil (Matilde Schell), Aaron Ramey (Otto Hahnke), John Riddle (Young Anton), Elena Shaddow (Ottilie), Timothy Shew (Hans Nusselin), Michelle Veintimilla (Young Claire)

The Vote

Donmar Warehouse -- May 7, 2015

Catherine Tate, Mark Gatiss, Judi Dench, Nina Sosanya, Finty Williams, Hadley Fraser, Timothy West. 

Broadcast live on the play's final night of a three-week run.

Waiting for Godot
Broadway -- November 24, 2013 -- Opening Night
Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup, Shuler Hensley, Aidan Gemme
Opening Night video; first couple of minutes of each play is audio only, but it's an unobstructed, steady shot. Very minor wandering. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs A-

Cambridge, MA -- September 2, 2015 -- Pre-Broadway
Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle, Jeanna De Waal, Drew Gehling, Joe Tippett, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson, Jeremy Morse, Giana Ribeiro
Stunning HD capture of the new Pre-Broadway Sara Bareilles musical. Beautiful production and equally stunning performances. Excellent video with clear picture and great sound; very good video. 2 DVDs  A+

Broadway -- March 30, 2016
Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle, Kimiko Glenn, Drew Gehling, Nick Cordero, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson, Christopher Fitzgerald.
Beautiful capture of this stunning Broadway transfer. This is the performance where the set broke and Sara Bareilles came out while it was being fixed. She sang (a cut song from the show and Part of Your World) and talked with the audience, which is included. A+ 2 dvds

Broadway -- June 14, 2016
Jenna: Jessie Mueller Dr. Pomatter: Drew Gehling Dawn: Kimiko Glenn Becky: Keala Settle Ogie: Christopher Fitzgerald Earl: Nick Cordero Cal: Eric Anderson Joe: Dakin Matthews
Nicely captured with just a few quick dropouts and no major blackouts. There is one head on the left that can occasionally be seen, but it never blocks the action. There is some slight washout in some of the wider shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

Broadway -- July 20, 2016
Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle, Stephanie Torns as (u/s) Dawn, Jeremy Morse as (u/s) Ogie, Drew Gehling, Nick Cordero, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of this charming show. Kimiko was on leave and Stephanie steps into the role, doing a wonderful job as Dawn. Terrific cast and performances! A+ 2 DVDs


Broadway -- October 26, 2016

Jessie Mueller, Charity Angel Dawson, Caitlin Houlahan, Henry Gottfried as (u/s) Dr. Pomatter, William Popp, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson, Christopher Fitzgerald. 

Excellent HD capture of the replacement cast members. The show is still in wonderful shape with a terrific cast and stellar performances! A 2 DVDs


Broadway -- April 19, 2017

Sara Bareilles, Charity Angel Dawson, Molly Jobe as (u/s) Dawn, Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Swenson, Dakin Matthews, Eric Anderson, Christopher Fitzgerald. Beautiful HD capture of the new cast change as the composer, Sara Bareilles takes over Jenna. Her performance of "What Baking Can Do" will knock you onto the floor! Terrific and fresh cast with a ton of exciting energy! A 2 DVDs


Broadway -- June 29, 2017

Betsy Wolfe (Jenna), Charity Angel Dawson (Becky), Molly Jobe (u/s Dawn), Drew Gehling (Dr. Pomatter), Joe Tippett (Earl), Dakin Matthews (Joe), Eric Anderson (Cal), Jeremy Morse (u/s Ogie)

Beautiful HD capture of Betsy joining and Drew returning to the cast. 2 DVDs


Milwaukee, WI -- January 7, 2018

Emily Koch - u/s Jenna, Charity Angel Dawson - Becky, Lenne Klingaman - Dawn, Bryan Fenkart - Dr. Pommater, Jeremy Morse - Ogie, Nick Bailey - Earl, Larry

Marshall - Joe, Ryan Dunkin - Cal. 

Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. 2DVDs

Broadway -- May, 2018

Katharine McPhee, Drew Gehling, Christopher Fitzgerald, Benny Allege, Caitlin Houlahan, NaTasha Yvette Williams, Steve Vinovich, Ben Thompson, Keri Rene Fuller, Matt DeAngelis, Tiffany Mann, Stephanie Torns, Victoria Collett, Katie Grober, Kayla Davion, Law Terrell Dunford


National Tour -- Madison, WI -- July 29, 2018

Desi Oakley, Charity Angel Dawson, Lenne Klingaman, Bryan Fenkart, Jeremy Morse, Nick Bailey, Larry Marshall, Ryan Dunkin. 

Great HD capture of the Original Tour Cast. Desi does a wonderful job as Jenna, who has since left the Tour. Great performances! A 2 DVDs


Broadway -- September, 2018

Nicolette Robinson, Katie Lowes, Drew Gehling, Benny Elledge, NaTasha Yvette Williams, Bill Nolte, Ben Thompson, Molly Hager, MATT DeAngelis, Anastacia McCleskey, Adam Shapiro, Stephanie torns, Miriam Bedigan, London Skye Gilliam, Tyrone Davis Jr., Law Terrell Dunford, Jessie Hooker-Bailey

2 DVDs


Broadway -- January, 2019

Sara Bareilles, Charity Angel Dawson​, Lenne Klingaman, Gavin Creel, Tyrone Davis Jr (u/s Ogie), Andrew Fitch (u/s Cal), Larry Marshall, Ben Thompson, Anastacia McCleskey, Molly Jobe (s/w Francine Pomatter), Molly Hager, Dan Tracy

Notes - NYCG8R's master.


Broadway -- April, 2019

Shoshana Bean (Jenna), Charity Angel Dawson (Becky), Molly Jobe (u/s Dawn), Jeremy Jordan (Dr. Pomatter), Eddie Jemison (Ogie), Benny Elledge (Cal), Larry Marshall (Joe), Ben Thompson (Earl), Melody A Betts (Nurse Norma), Tess Murphy (Lulu), Stephanie Torns (Francine Pomatter), Molly Hager (Mother), Dan Tracy (Father)

Master Notes: A nearly perfect video and absolutely perfect performance. Small obstructions occur at Joe's table and during Negative. The rest of show, however, is captured gorgeously. The colors are absolutely vivid and I was trying new stabilization settings on my camera. starcuffedjean's master. HD MP4 to VOB transfer.

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade 2005

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade 2006

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade 2007

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade 2008

War Horse 
Broadway -- June 27, 2011 
Original Broadway Cast
NOTE: Rather unfortunate video. It is not shot well at all. Throughout much of the first act, the camera is aimed too high. The second act gets a bit better, you can actually see the action most of the time, but the camera is so awkwardly focused. There is a bar at the bottom of the shot. 2 DVDs

War Horse 
Broadway -- September 17, 2011  
Seth Numrich, Alyssa Bresnahan, Matt Doyle, Boris McGiver, T. Ryder Smith.
SUNSETBLVD79's master: Excellent capture of the 2011 Tony Winner for best Play. A very innovative play and a great story of a man and his horse. The detail, movement and attention to the horses is simply breathtaking and some great acting all the way around. 2 DVDs

War Horse
US National Tour -- October 6, 2012 
Andrew Veenstra (Albert), Jason Loughlin (Lieutenant James Nicholls), Brian Keane (Arthur), Michael Wyatt Cox (Billy), Todd Cerveris (Ted), Chad Jennings (Chapman Carter), Michael Stewart Allen (Allan)
First act is missing around 7 minutes due to camera troubles. 2nd act is complete. No curtain call. Some shakiness but mostly steady. The production is rather dark (I mean lighting wise), so sometimes its hard to see stuff, but on the other hand - no spotlight washout. 

War Horse
Costa Mesa, CA -- January 27, 2013
Andrew Veenstra, Brian Keane, Michael Wyatt Cox, Todd Cerveris, Chad Jennings, Michael Stewart Allen
Good capture of this incredible play; no blackouts or obstruction; a bit of washout in high contrast scenes; filmed in 16:9, mostly wides and mediums, with a few occasional close-ups. Quiet at times but enjoyable 2 DVDs 

War Horse

London -- February 27, 2014 -- Proshot

Alex Avery, Oliver Beamish, Allistar Brammer, Ewen Cummins, Paul Hawkyard, Tom Hodgkins

 2 DVDs

War Paint

Chicago -- June 29, 2016
Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, John Dossett, Douglas Sills, Joanna Glushak, Chris Hoch, Barbara Marineau.
Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway tryout at the Goodman Theater. Stunning performances from both ladies. Glorious moment when Patti's bracelet and ring fall off mid song! A 2 DVDs

War Paint

Broadway -- March 11, 2017

Patti LuPone (Helena Rubinstein), Christine Ebersole (Elizabeth Arden), John Dossett (Tommy Lewis), Douglas Sills (Harrry Fleming), Joanna Glushak, Chris Hoch, Barbara Marineau

Beautiful HD capture of the Broadway transfer. Some changes for Broadway from the previous Goodman Theater production. Excellent performances from the entire cast! These ladies are offering a masterclass on being a Broadway Diva to perfection! A 2 DVDs

War Paint

Broadway -- April 29, 2017

Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, John Dossett, Douglas Sills, Joanna Glushak, Chris Hoch, Barbara Marineau

Great HD video with excellent clear picture and sound throughout; very nice video A

Water by the Spoonful
Theatreworks Silicon Valley -- August 31, 2014
Elliot: Miles Gaston Villanueva, Yazmin: Sabina Zuniga Varela, Odessa: Zilah Mendoza, Orangutan: Anna Ishida, Fountainhead: Patrick Kelly Jones, Chutes&Ladders: Anthony J Haney, Professor/Ghost/Policeman: George Psarras 
There are no blackouts, no obstruction, and just some slight washout in some wide shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

The Water's Edge
New York -- July 5, 2006
Kate Burton, Tony Goldwyn, Mamie Gummer

The Waverly Gallery 

New York -- October, 2018

Elaine May, Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen, Michael Cera, David Cromer

We Will Rock You
Stuttgart -- September 16, 2010 -- Closing Night
Mark Seibert, Jessica Kessler, Brigitte Oelke, DMJ, Silke Braas, Jörg Neubauer, Reinwald Kranner, Dominik Schulz. 
Last show in Stuttgart 

We Will Rock You
Utrecht, The Netherlands -- October, 2010
Marjolein Teepen (Scaramouche), John Vooijs (Galileo), Pia Douwes (Killer Queen), Ruud van Overdijk (Britt), Floortje Smit (Ozzy), Paul Donkers (Khashoggi), Rutger Le Poole (DJ).
Heads in the way, but that's not disturbing. 2 DVDs

We Will Rock You 
May, 2013 -- 10th Anniversary World Arena Tour
MiG Ayesa (Galileo), Lauren Samuels (Scaramouche), Jenna Lee-James (Killer Queen), Sean Kingsley (Khashoggi), Rob Castell (Pop), Rolan Bell (Britney), Lucie Jones (Meat), Dean Read (Rebel Leader).  
As the international tour of We Will Rock you makes its way back to England, here's a video of one of the European stops. The video is filmed from the raised section of the venue, so the view of the stage is clear and unobstructed. The action is followed very well, using a mix of closeups and wider shots as necessary, making the video great for both those unfamiliar with the show who want to get the big picture and fans interested in different cast members' performances. 

We Will Rock You
Chicago, IL -- October 27, 2013
Brian Justin Crumm, Ruby Lewis, Jacqueline B. Arnold, PJ Griffith, Erica Peck, Jared Zirilli, Ryan Knowles
Excellent HD capture with no obstructions from the First National Tour in the US. Nice clear video 2 DVDs A

The Wedding Singer
Broadway -- March 31, 2006 -- Preview
Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Amy Spanger, Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner
Highlights only of Act one; act 2 is more complete; some spotlight washout and low sound but good video  

The Wedding Singer
Broadway -- April 1, 2006
Stephen Lynch (Robbie Hart), Laura Benanti (Julia), Amy Spanger (Holly), Kevin Cahoon (George), Matthew Saldivar (Sammy), Richard Blake (Glen), Felicia Finley (Linda), Rita Gardner (Rosie)

The Wedding Singer
Broadway -- April 11, 2006 
Stephen Lynch (Robbie Hart), Laura Benanti (Julia Sullivan), Rita Gardner (Rosie), Richard H. Blake (Glen Guglia), Kevin Cahoon (George), Felicia Finley (Linda), Matthew Saldivar (Sammy), Cara Cooper (u/s Holly)

The Wedding Singer
Broadway -- April 15, 2006 
Stephen Lynch (Robbie), Laura Benanti (Julia), Amy Spanger (Holly), Matthew Saldivar (Sammy), Richard H. Blake (Glen), Felicia Finley (Linda), Kevin Cahoon (George), Rita Gardner (Rosie)

The Wedding Singer 
Madrid, Spain -- 2007 -- Proshot
Naím Thomas (Robbie), María Adamuz, Silvia Casanova, María Ángeles Virumbrales

The Wedding Singer
Plays in the Park, NJ -- July 2010 -- Proshot
Brad Sarboukh, Holly Curran, Anthony Younes, Casey Muha, Brian Hart, Drew Cyburt, Arlene Britt, Bre Cade
Pro shot video; great picture and sound 2 DVDs 

A Week In The West End
BBC-TV -- February, 2002
Claire Sweeney hosts a look at London’s theatre scene with clips from Chicago, Lion King, Mamma Mia, My Fair Lady, Kiss Me Kate and The Full Monty rehearsal footage.  Interviews including Ruthie Henshall, Louise Plowright, Joanna Riding, Jonathan Pryce, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Macintosh and Tim Rice. This 5 part series was produced as a lead up to the 2002 Olivier Awards.

Welcome to the Club 

Broadway -- April 19, 1989

Avery Schreiber, Jodi Benson, Marilyn Sokol, Bill Buell, Marcia Mitzman, Sally Mayes, Scott Wentworth

Wenn Rosenblätter fallen

Oberhausen -- June 13, 2016

Pia Douwes, Anton Zetterholm, Annemieke van Dam

West End Live!
London -- June 21 & 22, 2008 
Performances fromthe casts of Jersey Boys, Into the Hoods,  Wicked, Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dancing, ThePlayers Theatre (Music Hall), We Will Rock You, Never Forget, Grease, Chicago, Joseph, MammaMia, Buddy, King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys (Jazz, Incomplete), Jay Johnson: The Twoand Only, Avenue Q, The 39 Steps, Stomp, Betwixt!, The Sound of Music. 2 DVDs

West End Live!
London -- June 20 & 21, 2009
Casts of Sister Act, Oliver!, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Chicago (Jerry Springer as Billy Flynn), Hairspray, Been So Long, Wicked, Dirty Dancing, The King and I, We Will Rock You, Jersey Boys, Thriller Live. 2 DVDs

West End Live!
Leicester Square, London -- 2010
Casts of Billy Elliot, Chicago, Hair, Wicked, Love Never Dies, Sister Act, Mamma Mia and more

West Side Story
Plays in the Park, NJ -- 1995 -- Proshot
Tim Gleason (Tony), Randy Accardi (Riff), Amanda Irwin (Maria), Frank Dellapoela (Bernado)

West Side Story
Washington DC -- December 19, 2008 -- Pre-Broadway
Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, Geroge Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro
Also includes 13 minutes (opening) from the 12/20/08 performance. 

West Side Story
Broadway -- February 23, 2009 
Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, Geroge Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro

West Side Story
UK Tour -- May 23, 2009 
Daniel Koek, Sofia Escobar/Hazel Gardener, Jayde Westaby, Dan Burton, Edd Post,Martin Chaimberain, Ged Simmons, Aki Omoshaybi. 
Full video which contains"Tonight (Reprise)" and "I Feel Pretty" from another performance with the Maria understudy. 2 DVDs

West Side Story 
UK Tour -- May 30, 2009 -- Act 1 only
Daniel Koek, Hazel Gardener (u/s Maria), Jayde Westaby, Dan Burton, Edd Post (u/s Riff),Martin Chamberain (u/s Doc and Officer Krupke/Gladhand), Ged Simmons, Aki Omoshaybi. 
Act One Only; Missing the first and last 5 minutes; some balcony obstruction on the higher parts of the set but only affects one scene however; wide shots help catch all the dance numbers here; a couple of scenes are missing due to ushers but there is audio.

West Side Story
Costa Mesa (Tour) -- September 7, 2011
Kyle Harris, Ali Ewoldt, Michelle Aravena, Joseph J Simeone, Drew Foster, Alexandra Frohlinger, German Santiago, John O'Creagh, Mike Boland, Ryan Christopher Chotto, Grant Gustin, Nathan Keen, Kyle Robinson, Kristen Paulicelli, Kirstin Tucker, Jessica Swesey, Cary Tedder, Karolina Blonski, Beth Crandall, Alicia Charles, Dani Spieler, Jeffrey C Sousa, Jay Garcia, Lori Ann Ferreri, Tim Hausmann, Dean Andre de Luna, Michael Scirrotto, Dea Julien, Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva, Stephen DeRos, Christopher Patrick Mullen.
Nice capture of the tour cast; a couple of minor drop outs, and one head that comes into the bottom left corner of the frame once in a while; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups, and the sound excellent as usual. Includes curtain call. Nice video 2 DVDs

West Side Story

UK Tour -- 2013

Dom Hodson (understudy), Katie Hall, Djalenga Scott, Jack Wilcox

2 DVDs

West Side Story

UK Tour -- 2014

Louis Maskell, Katie Hall, Djalenga Scott, Jack Wilcox, Javier Cid

2 DVDs

West Side Story
Hollywood Bowl -- July 19, 2016
Tony: Jeremy Jordan, Maria: Solea Pfeiffer, Anita: Karen Olivo, Riff: Matthew James Thomas, Bernardo: George Akram, Action: Drew Foster, Shrank/Doc/Krupke: Kevin Chamberlin, Baby John: Kyle Selig, A-rab: Anthony Chatmon II, Big Deal: Mike Schwitter, Rosalia: Jennifer Sanchez, Francisca: Brit West, Consuela: Erica Dorfler, Diesel: Jeff Smith, Chino: Jose Moreno Brooks, A Girl: Julia Bullock, Conducted by: Gustavo Dudamel
This concert version of the show is abridged with shortened scenes, simple costumes, and no sets or choreography, but Jeremy, Solea, and Karen are absolutely phenomenal with soaring vocals and emotional performances.  Very well captured with no dropouts, no obstruction, and no washout. The stage is filmed directly most of the time; the screens are occasionally filmed, usually when the actors are not onstage. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

What About Dick?
Los Angeles, CA -- April, 2012 -- Proshot
Russell Brand, Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Jim Piddock, Tracey Ullman, Sophie Winkleman

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? The Musical

Houston, TX -- October, 2002

Millicent Martin, Leslie Denniston. 

US Premiere performance, recorded at the Houston Theatre Under The Stars. Semi-pro shot video, using one camera on a tripod. Very nicely filmed, camera follows the action on stage very well! Clear audio and video. Great show!

What the Butler Saw
Broadway -- December 14, 2014
Charles Shaughnessy, Sarah Manton, Frances Barber, Angus McEwan, Paxton Whitehead, Rod McLachlan
Note: Great capture with just one quick dropout. It's filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

When You Wish: The Story of Walt Disney
Los Angeles, CA -- October 16, 2013
Tim Martin Gleason, Andy Umberger, Brandi Burkhardt, Melissa Fahn, Norman Large, Louis Pardo, Kade Pait, Jake Davidson, Jennifer Brasuell, Katy Harvey, Aurore Joly, Lorenzo King, David Michael Laffey, Morgan Marcell, Garrett Marshall, Thomas Adoue Polk, Kirklyn Robinson, Nick Tubbs, Salvatore Vassallo, Louis A Williams
Excellent capture of this fantastic new musical; a few very quick dropouts in the beginning of act one, but no major blackouts; no obstruction and no washout; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; great clear sound; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Where’s Charley? 
New York -- March 18, 2011 - Encores!
Rob McClure, Sebastian Arcelus, Rebecca Luker, Howard McGillin, Jill Paice, Jeff Brooks, Dakin Matthews, Lauren Worsham, Dan Callaway, Meggie Cansler, Hannah Chin, Nick Cosgrove, Desiree Davar, Ashlee Dupre, Leah Edwards, Drew Franklin, Arlo Hill, Leah Horowitz, Jordan Fife Hunt, Amy Justman, Max Kumangai, Analisa Leaming, Colby Linderman, Angelina Mullins, Patricia Noonan, Weston Wells Olson, Lainie Sakakura, Tommy Scrivens, Kendall Sparks, Brendan Stimson, Amos Wolf
Filmed in 16x9 Widescreen; well filmed video from the left mezzanine with clear picture and sound A-

Whistle Down The Wind 
London -- January 5, 2001 
Jerome Pradon, Laura Michelle Kelly, Rohan Tickell, Mark McGee, Cat Simmons. 
Staged differently than the Washington DC one; great quality picture and sound; this is the last performance where the set didn't break down (it broke at the closing, and at the  final matinee)

Whistle Down The Wind

National Tour -- October 13, 2007

Eric Kunze (The Man), Andrea Ross (Swallow), Dann Fink (Boone), Matt Skrincosky (Amos), Carole Denise Jones (Candy), Gerry McIntyre (Edward), Kurt Zischke (Sheriff), Stuart Metcalf (Deputy), Austin J. Zambito-Valente (Poor Baby), Nadine Jacobson (Brat), Greg Stone (Snake Preacher), Adam Shonkwiler (Earl)

Whistle Down The Wind

UK Tour -- February, 2010

Kieran Snell (Preacher), Leigh Jones (Snake Preacher), Aaron Shirley (Sheriff), Scarlette Douglas (Candy), Carl Stallwood (Amos), Charlotte Oldroyd (Brat), Thomas Harvey (Deputy)

2 DVDs

White Christmas

Los Angeles -- November 29, 2016

Sean Montgomery (Bob), Jeremy Benton (Phil), Kerry Conte (Betty), Kelly Sheehan (Judy), Lorna Luft (Martha), Conrad John Schuck (General Waverly), Samantha Penny (Susan), Dave Schoonover (Ralph Sheldrake), Kristyn Pop (Rita).

Notes: A fantastic holiday tradition with great music and dancing. This is perfectly captured with no washout, no obstruction, and no blackouts. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. 2 DVDs

White Noise 
NYMF -- September 23, 2006
Rick Crom; Danny Calvert; Molly Laurel; Micah Shepard; Phillip Taratula; Libby Winters

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Chicago -- Pre Broadway -- February 12, 2011 
Tracy Letts, Amy Morton, Carrie Coon and Madison Dirks. 
Great capture of this PreBroadway production where it began in Chicago. A year and a half later this production with cast intact landed on Broadway. For the first act in wide shots two heads block the far sides. Mostly this is not an issue since zoomed in past them for midsize shots and most of the action is center stage. 2 Discs

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 
Broadway -- November, 2012 
Amy Morton (Martha), Tracy Letts (George), Madison Dirks (Nick), Carrie Coon (Honey) 
In 3 acts, missing the first 3 minutes of the first and last act, and a head in the bottom of some shots but nothing too distracting. Filmed from the orchestra with great close-ups. 3 DISCS

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

London -- May 17, 2017 -- Proshot

Imelda Staunton, Conleth Hill, Imogen Poots, Luke Treadaway

 3 DVDs


Wicked Divas 
Cincinnati -- November 15, 2009 
Megan Hilty and Julia Murney 
Along with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. This was supposed to be a Kristin Chenoweth Concert but due to an illness the two stepped in which involves some great jokes about Kristin. Was really a sensational concert with wonderful vocals that must be heard and great stories. Songs include: All That Jazz, Back to Before, Ring Them Bells, Til There Was You, I Could of  Danced All Night, Part of Your World, The Wizard and I, Popular, Defying Gravity, For Good and I Will Never Leave You. The two have great chemistry and first time performing together.

The Wild Party 
Off Broadway -- 2000
Julia Murney as Queenie, Brian D'Arcy James as Burrs, Idina Menzel as Kate, Taye Diggs as Black
Press/Reviewer Reels & (partial) ProShot

The Wild Party 
Off Broadway -- date unknown 
Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, Julia Murney and Brian D'Arcy James
A really bad video with okay sound

The Wild Party 
Amstetten, Germany -- December 20, 2003 
Uwe Kröger (Burrs), Anne Mandrella (Queeny), Gino Emnes (Black), Sabine Maier (Kate), Ramesh Nair (Phil), Rob Fowler (Max), Carin Filipcic (Madeleine True), Thomas Mülner (Oscar), Steven Seale (Sam), Karsten Kammeier (Eddie), Akos Tihanyi (Jackie), Giuliano Mercoli (Kegs), Claudia Rohnefeld (Mae), Daniela Harbauer (Nadine) Nina Weisz (Babe) 

The Wild Party
St. Louis, MO -- May, 2010
Margeau Baue Steinau, Jeffrey Pruet, Deborah Sharn, Keith Parker, Emily Berry, Mara Bollini, Mike Dowdy, Zachary Allen Farmer, Nikki Glenn, Joel Hackbarth, Theresa Hermann, Macia Noorman, Eeyan Richardson, Michelle Sauer, Troy Turnipseed, Aaron VanderYacht
Presented by The New Line Theatre in St. Louis; pro shot video with good sound and nice closeups. A. Lippa version

The Wild Party
New York -- July 17, 2015 -- City Center Encores! 
Sutton Foster, Steven Pasquale, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joaquina Kalukango, Miriam Shor, Ryan Andes, Talene Monahon.
Excellent HD capture from the Encores Summer Series! The cast was terrific and full of energy giving everything they had. Great to see these songs performed again by this caliber of talent! A. 2 DVDs.

The Wild Party
New York -- July 18, 2015 -- City Center Encores! -- Matinee
Sutton Foster, Steven Pasquale, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joaquina Kalukango, Miriam Shor, Ryan Andes, Talene Monahon, Renee Albulario, Penelope Armstead-Williams, James Brown III, Rachel De Benedet, Raymond J. Lee, Kenita R. Miller, Sydney Morton, Clifton Oliver, Charlie Pollock, Britton Smith, Ryan Steele
Fantastic HD video with a couple heads at the bottom of the screen. Very nice video with clear picture and sound.

Willemijn Verkaik - As I Am Concert 
Scheveningen, The Netherlands -- June 26, 2012 
Willemijn Verkaik with speical Guest Xander Debuisonje. Bart van Hoof is the saxofoon player. Gino Emnes and Jessica Manuputty are the backing vocals
A rare recording! A really great capture from an amazing concert. 

The Will Rogers Follies
Japan (Telecast) -- 1991 -- Proshot
Keith Carradine, Dee Hoty, Dick Latessa, Cady Huffman
with Japanese subtitles

Broadway -- February 1, 2012
Cynthia Nixon, Pun Bandhu, Suzanne Bertish, Michael Countreyman, Jessica Dickey, Chike Johnson, Greg Keller, Carra Patterson, Zachary Spicer
Filmed in HD 16:9 Widescreen; very good video with clear picture and sound; disc includes NY1 review

The Witches Of Eastwick
UK Tour, Liverpool -- April 4, 2009
Marti Pellow, Ria Jones, Rebecca Thornhill, Poppy Tierny, Rachel Izen, James Graeme

The Wizard of Oz 
Los Angeles, CA -- September 28, 2013 -- Matinee
Dorothy: Danielle Wade, Professor Marvel/The Wizard: Cedric Smith, Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West: Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, Hickory/Tin Man: Mike Jackson, Zeke/Lion: Lee MacDougall Hunk/Scarecrow: Jamie McKnight, Glinda: Robin Evan Willis, Uncle Henry: Larry Mannell, Auntie Em: Charlotte Moore, Toto: Nigel
A nice capture of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s re-imagined classic. The show has no obstruction and very little washout. There are a few quick dropouts in act one and a couple in act two, but they only last about three minutes all together. It’s filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. There is some rustling of candy wrappers from the audience, but otherwise the sound is excellent. 2 DVDs

The Wizard of Oz
Seattle -- October 10, 2013
Danielle Wade, Cedric Smith, Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, Mike Jackson, Lee MacDougall, Jamie McKnight, Robin Evan Willis, Charlotte Moore, Nigel. 
Beautiful HD capture of this lavish tour with no obstructions. Danielle gives a wonderful performance as Dorothy. 2 DVDs

Woman of the Year 
Broadway -- 1981
Lauren Bacall, Harry Guardino, Marilyn Cooper, Roderick Cook, Grace Keaghy, Elvind Harum, Jamie Ross, Rex Everhart
Nice close-ups with good color and lighting, no wash-outs; low generation

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Broadway -- December 29, 2010 
Sherie Rene Scott, Patti LuPone, Laura Benanti, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Danny Burstein, Justin Guarini, Mary Beth Peil, Jennifer Sanchez, Murphy Guyer, Charlie Sutton, Samantha Shafer (u/s), Sean McCourt, John Carrol (u/s), Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Alma Cuervo, de'Adre Aziza, Julio Agustin

Broadway -- April 2, 2011
Janet Dacal, Darren Ritchie, E. Clayton Cornelious, Jose Llana, Karen Mason, Kate Shindle, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Edward Staudenmayer, Danny Stiles

Broadway -- May 12, 2011 
Janet Dacal (Alice), DarrenRitchie (Jack the White Knight), E. Clayton Cornelious (Caterpillar), Jose Llana (El Gato), Karen Mason (Queen of Hearts), Kate Shindle (Mad Hatter),Carly Rose Sonenclar (Chloe), Edward Staudenmayer (The White Rabbit), DannyStiles (Morris, the March Hare), April Berry, Joey Calveri, Sae La Chin, Mallauri Esquibel, Derek Ferguson, Wilkie Ferguson III, Laura Hall (in MorganJames' track u/s), Natalie Hill, Lauren Lim Jackson, Ryan Link, Kate Loprest, Heather Parcells, Stefan Raulston, Julius Anthony Rubio, Tanairi Sade Vazquez


Torquay, UK Tour -- June 10, 2017 -- Matinee -- Bestworstcase's Master

Rachael Wooding (Alice), Stephen Webb (Jack), Francesca Lara Gordon (u/s Mad Hatter), Naomi Morris (Ellie), Dave Willetts (White Rabbit), Wendi Peters (Queen of Hearts), Kayi Ushe (Caterpillar), Dominic Owen (Cheshire Cat), Ben Kerr (March Hare)

A Wonderful Life
University of Michigan -- 1986
Andrew Lippa (Frank Bailey), Mark Doerr, Paul Winberg, Connie Soloutono, Ed Smith, Robin Robinson
This is a video from the world-premiere 1986 University of Michigan production. VHS transfer.

A Word Or Two
Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA -- February 9, 2014
Christopher Plummer
This show was written and arranged by Plummer, directed by Tony Award winner Des McAnuff, Plummer confesses to being "hooked on the intoxication of words", spent much of his time growing up in Montreal reading Ben Jonson, George Bernard Shaw, Shakesepeare, Rudyard Kipling, A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, Lord Byron, Dylan Thomas, W.H. Auden, Stephen Leacock and others, his personal take on these literary giants forms a journey forms a journey from childhood to old age, one short 10 second black out, an occasional glimpse of a head in the way, nicely filmed, A

The World Of Kurt Weill
PBS-TV -- March 1, 1967
Lotte Lenya and George Voskovec. 
Presented as part of the NET Playhouse. This one hour revue of Kurt Weill’s music was inspired by the 1966 New York Cabaret version, which also starred Lotte Lenya. In black and white. A-

Broadway -- November 10, 2007 
Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Tony Roberts, Andre Ward, Ryan Watkinson (u/s) Thalia, Anika Larsen, Kenita Miller. 
A few heads at the bottom of the screen in wide shots, but otherwise beautifully captured.

Broadway -- February 19, 2008  
Patti Murin (u/s Clio), Cheyenne Jackson, Tony Roberts, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Curtis Holbrook, Kenita Miller, Andre Ward, Kate Loprest (u/s Euterpe)
Very nicely filmed, and crystal clear, although the first three or four minutes are shaky with heads in the way. But after the filmer settles, it's a great video.The DVD has been enhanced with animated menus and scene selections with chapter stops for all of the musical numbers; very funny improv line by Hoffman that stopped the show for a few minutes 


London -- August 31, 2017 -- Proshot

Billie Piper, Brendan Cowell, Charlotte Randle, John Macmillan, Maureen Beattie and Thalissa Teixeira

You Can't Take It With You
Broadway -- November 26, 2014
James Earl Jones, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Ashley, Annaleigh Ashford, Johanna Day, Julie Halston, Byron Jennings, Patrick Kerr, Fran Kranz, Mark Linn-Baker, Kristine Nielsen
Missing the first minute of the first act. Act 1 continues with a little stage searching and a couple of blackouts. Acts 2 and 3 are much better. 2 DVDs  A-

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Thousand Oaks, CA -- February 10, 2013
Dane Biren (Charlie Brown), Reba Buhr (Sally Brown), Natalie Storrs (Lucy Van Pelt), Jeffrey Scott Parsons (Linus Van Pelt), Todrick Hall (Schroeder), Zachary Ford (Snoopy)
Note: Song list follows the 1999 revival version. Includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Young Frankenstein
Seattle, WA -- August 28, 2007 -- Pre-Broadway
Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Shuler Hensley, Andrea Martin, Fred Applegate, Christopher Fitzgerald

Young Frankenstein
Broadway -- November 10, 2007
Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Shuler Hensley, Andrea Martin, Fred Applegate, Christopher Fitzgerald 
Disc includes NBC Today Show Halloween show performances of Transylvania Mania, Roll in the Hay, Together Again

Young Frankenstein 
Long Beach, CA -- November 10, 2013
Zachary Ford Frederick (Frankenstein), Ben Liebert (Igor), Andi Davis (Inga), Tracy Lore (Frou Blucher), Danny Blaylock (The Monster), Rebecca Ann Johnson (Elizabeth), Jeffrey Rockwell (Inspector Kemp/Hermit). 
Presented by Musical Theatre West.  Beautifully filmed. 2 DVDs

Zanna Don't
Off-Broadway -- June 27, 2003
Jai Rodriguez, Anika Larsen, Amanda Ryan Paige, Enrico Rodriguez, Jared Zeus, Shelley Thomas

La Jolla Playhouse, CA -- July 5, 2006
Ivan Hernandez, Jessica Burrows, Rena Strober, Matt Bogart
Excellent video of the musical highlights of the show; otherwise the picture is all over the place and not great; if you want to see the musical performances of this show, its great; otherwise, it isnt what you would want


La Jolla, CA -- July 26, 2005

Anthony Crivello, Chris Hoch, Jessica Burrows, Rena Strober

Premiere production of the new Lucy Simon show; Video was filmed with the intention of extracting the audio-so there are lots of head and ceiling shots. Still not a bad video-you get a good sense of the show.

New York -- May 6, 2015 -- Encores!
John Turturro, Marin Mazzie, Santino Fontana, Zoe Wanamaker, Adam Chanler-Berat, Elizabeth A. Davis, Robert Cuccioli, Robert Montano.
Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions of the New York City Center Encores series. Marin gives beautiful vocals and delivers a wonderful performance. 2 DVDs