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Cast: Audra McDonald

Show Date: June, 2018

Show Location: New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Quality: B. I am releasing this for the master. This was filmed from the very back of the enormous auditorium so picture isn't as sharp as it should be. Sound is A+, though.

Broadway's Next Hit Musical

5/19/16 ~ New York
Deb Rabbai, Rob Schiffmann, Rachel Bouton, Matt Giroveanu, Robert Z. Grant, Katie Hammond, Becca McLarty, Megan Reilly, Stefan Schick, Annie Schiffmann, Daniel Tepper
From The Triad in New York, this is an improvised musical awards show called 'Hilarious' by New York Times; nicely filmed with a couple of heads that pop up but are worked around; good clear sound A-

The Cher Show

7/2018 ~ Chicago ***

Stephanie J. Block, Teal Wicks, Micaela Diamond, Emily Skinner, Jarrod Spector, Michael Berresse, Michael Campayno, Matthew Hydzik. Beautiful HD capture with no obstructions. The show is a lot of fun and terrific performances from the cast. Stephanie along with Teal and Micaela embody Cher and knock it out of the park! A+

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

10/2018 ~ Chicago ***

Noah Weisberg, Collin Jeffery, James Young, Amanda Rose, Jessica Cohen, Kathy Fitzgerald, Nathaniel Hackmann, Daniel Quadrino, Brynn Williams, Matt Wood. Excellent HD capture of the new tour, with no obstructions. Great performances from the cast, with a few minor changes here and there! A

Dear World, In Concert

3/25/17 ~ New York

Tyne Daly, Alison Fraser, Ann Harada, Lenny Wolpe, Dewey Caddell, J. Bernard Calloway, Ben Cherry, Stephen Mo Hanan, Erika Henningsen, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Peter Land, Gordon Stanley, Kristopher Thompson-Bolden

Presented by Musicals In Mufti. This is a staged reading with limited blocking and choreography and most of the actors hold their scripts. The filmer sat his  amcorder on the arm rest and pressed the record button so there are no zooms or pans-just a full stage shot. One head in the left side of the frame blocks about 20% of the stage and some of the action which takes place far stage right. Although not perfect, this is the only video of the show I know of. B-


Cast: Mitchell Jarvis, Marilu Henner, Jay Klaitz, Manu Narayan, Sawyer Nunes, Paul Whitty, Kelli Barrett, Brandon Williams, Garth Kravitz, Tamika Lawrence, Becca Kötte, Now Solorio, Lindsey Brett Carothers, Ryan Duncan, Scott Richard Foster, Jenny Hill, Nehal Joshi, J. Elaine Marcos, Rob Marnell, Jasmin Richardson, Ian Ward, Tad Wilson

Show Date: September, 2018

Show Location: Belasco Theatre

Quality A


Cast: Bette Midler, David Hyde Pierce, Gavin Creel, Kate Baldwin, Molly Griggs, Charlie Stemp, Melanie Moore, Will Burton, Jessica Sheridan, Alli Mauzey, Kevin Ligon, Michael Hartung, Michael McCormick, Justin Bowen, Maddy Apple, Collin Baja, Giovanni Bona Ventura, Maria Briggs, Darius Crenshaw, Taeler Cyrus, Julian DeGuzman, Zachary Downer, Carmen Ruby Floyd, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Robert Hartwell, Cory Hummerston, Aaron Kaburick, Amanda LaMotte, Michael McCormick, Sarah Meal, Jessica Sheridan, Travis Waldschmidt, Christian Dante White, Kristen Beth Williams, Branch Woodman, Ryan Worsing, Richard Riaz Yoder

Show Date: July, 2018

Show Date: Shubert Theatre

Quality: A+. I think this is an amazing video and capture of Bette's iconic performance. Shot with TONS of closeups and finally a video of Bette AND Gavin! I'm so happy with this one. :)

Hello Dolly!

10/2018 ~ Chicago ***

Betty Buckley, Lewis J. Stadlen, Nic Rouleau, Analisa Leaming, Jess LeProtto, Kristen Hahn. Beautiful HD capture of the Touring Cast with no obstructions. Betty does a sensational job in the role of Dolly and is having a great time! Nic was such a stand out as Cornelius and was perfect for the role! A+


Cast:Vanessa Williams, Bebe Neuwirth, Judy Kuhn, Marc Kudisch, Clyde Alves, Reed Birney, Carolee Carmello, Britney Coleman, Clifton Duncan, Tam Mutu, Nancy Opel, Douglas Sills, Alexandra Socha, Alex Aquilino, Carleigh Bettiol, Rachel Coloff, Kerry Conte, Rick Faugno, Eloise Kropp, Matt Loehr, Michael X. Martin, Michael Mendez, Justin Prescott, Wayne Pretlow, Lindsay Roberts, Steve Routman, Sarah Jane Shanks, Jaquez Sims, Diana Vaden, Jessica Wockenfuss

Show Date: February, 2018

Show Location: New York City Center

Quality A

Jersey Boys

10/18/16 ~ Dayton, OH
Aaron De Jesus, Matthew Dailey, Keith Hines, Cory Jeacoma, Barry Anderson, Thomas Fiscella, David Lamarr, Jesse Wildman, Kristen Paulicelli, Leslie Rochette, Dru Serkes, Andrew Russell, Jonny Wexler, Corey Greenan
Nice capture with no blackouts, washout, or obstruction; well filmed and clear sound. Video includes curtain call and encore. Nice video 2 DVDs A

The Lion King
6/21/16 ~ Dayton, OH
Aaron Nelson, Thandazile A. Soni (u/s Rafiki), Gerald Ramsey, Tony Freeman (u/s Timon), Ben Lipitz, Patrick R. Brown, Nia Holloway, Julian Rivera-Summerville, Savanna Fleisher, Lashonda Reese (u/s Sarabi), Dew Hirshfield, Kalilah Black (u/s Shenzi), Keith Bennett, Robbie Swift
Decent capture of the tour from this summer, slightly cropped, has some washout, and a little shaky; some focus problems in the beginning due to being very high in the balconies. Great clear sound; very watchable video 2 DVDs B

Master Class

The Netherlands -- March 5, 2011
Pia Douwes (Maria Callas), Maartje Rammeloo, Babette Holtmann, Michiel van Lieshout, Kees Zandwijk, Rudy Hellewegen


US Tour -- Chicago -- April 29, 2011
Pearl Sun (Diana u/s), Asa Somers, Curt Hansen, Emma Hunton, Preston Sadlier, Jeremy Kushnier

Our Town

1989 ~ PBS Broadcast
Pro-Shot Spalding Gray, Frances Conroy, Roberta Maxwell, Penelope Ann Miller and Eric Stoltz


Cast: Ben Crawford, Ali Ewoldt, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Raquel Suarez Groen, Laird Mackintosh, Craig Bennett, Maree Johnson, Ted Keegan (u/s), Polly Baird, Carrington Vilmont, Jason Forbach, Jim Weitzer (u/s), Kenneth Kantor, Richard Poole, Jeremy Stolle, Justin Peck, Kfir, Katharine Heaton, Chris Georgette, Patricia Phillips, Satomi Hofmann, Elizabeth Welch, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Janinah Burnett, Paul A. Schefer, Giselle O. Alvarez, Jessica Bishop, Ashlee Dupre, Jolina Javier, Carly Blake Sebouhian, Erica Wong, Joelle Gates

Show Date: September, 2018

Show Location: Majestic Theatre

Quality A-

**So this is a DARK show. That means it's not as "crisp" as I'd normally like at times due how black it can be on the stage, but it is still a very nice video and Ben is really really wonderful.


Cast: Samantha Barks, Andy Karl, Eric Anderson, Jason Danieley, Ezra Knight, Orfeh, Allison Blackwell, Tommy Bracco, Brian Call, Robby Clater, Anna Eilinseld, Lauren Lim Jackson, Renee Marino, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Jillian Mueller, Jake Odmark, Jennifer Sanchez, Matthew Stocke, Alex Michael Stoll, Alan Wiggins, Darius Wright

Show Date: July, 2018

Show Date: Nederlander Theatre

Quality: A


9/2018 ~ Chicago ***

Santino Fontana, Lilli Cooper, Sarah Stiles, John Behlmann, Andy Grotelueschen, Julie Halston, Michael McGrath. Excellent HD capture of the first PreBroadway preview performance. This is a fun show with terrific performances based on the 1982 movie. Santino gives a wonderful performance and earning early Tony buzz for Best Actor! A+


Cast: Nicolette Robinson, Katie Lowes, Drew Gehling, Benny Elledge, NaTasha Yvette Williams, Bill Nolte, Ben Thompson, Molly Hager, MATT DeAngelis, Anastacia McCleskey, Adam Shapiro, Stephanie torns, Miriam Bedigan, London Skye Gilliam, Tyrone Davis Jr., Law Terrell Dunford, Jessie Hooker-Bailey

Show Date: September, 2018

Show Location: Brooks-Atkinson Theatre

Quality A


7/2018 ~ Madison, WI ***

Desi Oakley, Charity Angel Dawson, Lenne Klingaman, Bryan Fenkart, Jeremy Morse, Nick Bailey, Larry Marshall, Ryan Dunkin. Great HD capture of the Original Tour Cast. Desi does a wonderful job as Jenna, who has since left the Tour. Great performances! A


Any audios (or videos) from Off-Broadway play "Skintight" with Idina Menzel

Any audios (or videos) from the Josh Groban / Idina Menzel Tour 2018.

Looking for any audios I don't already have with Idina Menzel as Elizabeth. 

Idina Menzel solo concerts
- Anything from Idina's 2017 World Tour
- Anything from Idina's 2015 World Tour
- RiverEdge Park - Aurora, IL - July 19, 2013
- Schaefer Center - Boone, NC - July 18, 2013
- QPAC - Brisbane, Australia - June 29, 2013
- Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia - June 27, 2013
- G-A-Y - London, UK - April 27, 2013
- Straz Center - Tampa, FL - Dec 1, 2012
- Arsht Center - Miami, FL - Nov 30, 2012
- Auditorium Theatre - Rochester, NY - Oct 27, 2012
- Palace Theatre - Manchester, UK - Oct 17, 2012
- Apollo Theatre - London, UK - Oct 14, 2012 - Matinee (MAJOR WANT!!)
- Apollo Theatre - London, UK - Oct 12, 2012 (MAJOR WANT!!)
- Apollo Theatre - London, UK - Oct 8, 2012 

Everyday Rapture - April 21, 2010 - Broadway
Sherie Rene Scott, Lindsey Mendez, Betsy Wolfe, Eamon Foley
Three different masters exist; Two full, the other Act 1 only

Everyday Rapture - April 23, 2010 - Broadway
Sherie Rene Scott, Betsy Wolfe, Lindsay Mendez

Everyday Rapture - June 27, 2010 - Broadway - Matinee
Sherie Rene Scott, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe, Eamon Foley

I Love Musicals - Ullevi, Gothenburg - Sweden - June 17, 2017 (MAJOR WANT!!)
Peter Jöback, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg et al.

Les Miserables - London - September 21, 1999
John Owen Jones, Hal Fowler, Gunilla Backman, Tom Lucas, Amanda Salmon, Rebecca Vere, David Malek or Paul Manuel, Cameron Blakely, Joanna Mays

Les Miserables - London - March 4, 2000
John Owen Jones, John Stacey (u/s), Gunilla Backman, Tom Lucas, Amanda Salmon,  Rebecca Vere,  David Malek, Cameron Blakely, Claire Machin, Andrew Williamson (Grantaire)

The Vagina Monologues - Los Angeles - February 10, 2007
Chandra Wilson, Stephanie Weir, Ming-Na, Liz Sheridan, Tonya Pinkins, Stana Katic, Lindsey Shaw, Amy Yasbeck, Rena Owen, Marie Wong, Rebeka Montoya, Jennifer Hall.

Wicked - London - October 31, 2006 
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (The Wizard), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond)

Wicked - London - November 2, 2006 
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (The Wizard), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond) 

Wicked - London - November 3, 2006 
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (The Wizard), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible),  Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond)

Wicked - London - November 4, 2006 
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (Wizard), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible), Martin Ball (Doctor Dillamond), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq) 

Wicked - London - November 11, 2006 - Evening
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (Wizard), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible), Martin Ball (Doctor Dillamond), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq)


Anything with Idina Menzel that I don't already have!

- I'm always interested in audios and videos from these shows
    - Anything Goes
    - Bright Star
    - Everyday Rapture
    - Mamma Mia
    - Sunset Boulevard

- Audios or videos from musicals and plays in Sweden